How Far Is Tampa Fl From Lakeland Fl?

Is Lakeland close to Tampa or Orlando?

Lakeland is a city in Polk County, Florida, United States, located approximately midway between Tampa and Orlando along Interstate 4.

Is Lakeland, FL a nice area?

Lakeland is a great place to live, and residents find its proximity to bigger cities like Tampa and Orlando convenient, as it always gives them something to do. Lakeland is known for its wide variety of Florida wildlife, many waterways, and its nickname, ‘Swan City.

Why is Lakeland Florida famous?

Lakeland, the largest city in Polk County, is home to the largest one-site collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in the world at Florida Southern College, Circle B Bar Reserve, Detroit Tigers Spring Training, and Safari Wilderness.

Is Lakeland Florida a cheap place to live?

The overall cost of living in Lakeland is lower than the national average. The overall cost of living in Lakeland is lower than the national average, and lower than the rest of the state.

Why are people moving to Lakeland Florida?

Many people move to Lakeland because it is near major cities like Tampa and Orlando. Lakeland is about 15% cheaper to live in than Tampa, Florida, with it only a 40-minute drive away!

What airport do you fly into for Lakeland Florida?

Visitor Info. Located in the heart of Florida along the I-4 corridor Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL) is midway between Tampa and Orlando with easy access to I-4 via the Polk Parkway.

Has a hurricane ever hit Lakeland FL?

From downed power lines to damaged trees and green spaces, here’s a brief rundown of what Lakeland, Florida looked like on the heels of Hurricane Ian. Many Lakelanders saw downed trees and storm debris following Hurricane Ian.

Does Lakeland Florida have alligators?

Just three days ago, an alligator mom in Lakeland was captured on video using her three legs to maneuver through bushes while carrying her babies to the water.

Is Lakeland FL a good place to retire?

A Great Retirement Destination The combination of entertainment options, low costs, no state taxes, and warm winters means one thing… Retirement living in Lakeland, Florida is a great option to consider.

What celebrities are from Lakeland Florida?

Lauren Miller Rogen. Actress | For a Good Time, Call … Rhea Durham. Actress | Spin City. Georgette Jones. Actress | Sordid Lives: The Series. April Grace. Actress | Magnolia. Alkoya Brunson. Actor | Stargirl. Pat Skipper. Frances Langford. Faith Evans.