How Far Is Tampa From St Petersburg Fl?

Is Tampa or St. Petersburg nicer?

St. Pete has more outdoor activities with beaches and parks. Tampa has a bigger city feel with more urban attractions within a short walk or drive. I love them both and visit each for what I am looking to do.

How far is Saint Petersburg from airport?

The St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) is located on State Route 686 (Roosevelt Blvd.) 4 miles north of St. Petersburg.

Is it worth visiting St. Petersburg Florida?

Petersburg could be one of the best family-friendly places to vacation on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Endowed with gleaming white sands and tranquil clear waters, St Pete Beach is often voted one of the nicest in the country — the perfect place for sunbathing or paddleboarding.

What airport do you fly into to go to St. Petersburg Florida?

St. Pete/Clearwater area is served by St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) and Tampa International Airport (TPA).

What is the best time of year to go to St. Petersburg?

The best time to visit St. Petersburg is from March to May, when the weather is comfortably hot and a plethora of outdoor events make the city come alive. You’ll find more affordable room rates from June to November, but the threat of hurricanes is imminent and the weather can often be scorching.

Should I stay in Tampa Clearwater or St. Petersburg?

If your vacation plans are largely centered around the resort and beach time, Clearwater would be the clear choice. Clearwater Beach has more to do within walking distance with easy accessibility on the promenade. If you are looking to explore, St Pete Beach has better accessibility to Tampa and downtown St Petersburg.

Is St. Pete a walkable city?

Petersburg is more walkable. One of the advantages of living in St. Pete, FL is its walkable downtown. In fact, it’s one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Florida with a Walk Score of 90.9!

Which airport is bigger Tampa or St. Petersburg?

St Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport is located 10km north of St Petersburg and serves the Tampa Bay Area in Florida. The airport is the smaller airport serving the Tampa Bay area, after Tampa International Airport.

Is St. Petersburg FL a nice place?

Petersburg Florida is nestled along the Gulf of Mexico and has a reputation for its beaches, entertainment, and sun-soaked weather. “There is a thriving job market in St. Pete; a lot of businesses are coming here. There’s a lot to do outdoors, and you’re so close to the bay and the Gulf and all the parks.

What is St. Pete known for?

A relocated Salvador Dalí Museum, Dale Chihuly’s world-renowned glass collection, an annual international mural festival, and several other major museums cemented St. Pete’s reputation as a City of the Arts.