How Far Is The Villages From Tampa?

What major city is The Villages in Florida near?

The Villages is located approximately 55 miles (89 km) northwest of Orlando and 80 miles (130 km) northeast of Tampa. It is bordered to the west and south by the city of Wildwood in Sumter County and to the east by the town of Lady Lake and city of Fruitland Park in Lake County.

Can I afford to live in The Villages?

What you’ll pay per month to live in the Villages, FL. Now, after crunching numbers for all of the expenses listed above, you should expect to pay at least $807 to $1,262 per month to live in The Villages, Florida, based on your housing selection and the costs that come with it.

What airport do you fly into for The Villages in Florida?

The closest major airport to The Villages, Florida is Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB / KSFB). This airport is in Sanford, Florida and is 56 miles from the center of The Villages, FL. If you’re looking for international or domestic flights to SFB, check the airlines that fly to SFB.

Is The Villages in Florida close to Tampa?

The distance from The Villages to Tampa is 75 miles. The road distance is 88 miles.

Why people leave The Villages in Florida?

The reasons I hear most often are health reasons and to be closer to family. Sometimes there is a change in their health status that results in them wanting to be closer to doctors they’ve used for years, or a network of close family and friends to have around to help take care of them.

What is the most desirable village in The Villages Florida?

Cottages at Summerchase | Best Neighborhood for Families in The Villages. Village of Briar Meadow | Affluent Neighborhood in The Villages. Whitney Villas | Master Planned Community in The Villages. Village of Collier | Best Community for Golfers. Villa St.

What are monthly HOA for The Villages?

The Village’s fees are extremely affordable as well. They have a monthly amenity fee called the Villages Community Development Districts (VCDD). This monthly fee costs residents only $164 and it provides a lot of value.

What are the monthly HOA fees in The Villages Florida?

What Are the HOA fees at The Villages? The Villages doesn’t have an HOA and technically there are no HOA fees. Instead, residents pay CDD fees. According to The Villages, average CDD assessments (including the bond, maintenance fee, and fire protection) range from $129 to $220 per month.

Do you need a car in The Villages Florida?

Transportation in The Villages With more than 90 miles of golf cart paths, residents can easily travel throughout almost the entire community. While some parts of The Villages are walkable, you will most likely want to have your own vehicle to travel from place to place as it can be difficult to get around otherwise.

How far is the beach from The Villages in Florida?

How far is the ocean or beach from The Villages? The Villages is ideally located in Central Florida, approximately 40 miles from the west coast of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico and 70 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the east. This makes a trip to the beach easy and convenient.