How Far Is Venice Beach From Fort Lauderdale?

Is Venice beach Florida worth visiting?

This little coastal town in Sarasota County is renowned for its soft, lovely sand beaches, expansive green parks, and rich history. Venice is undoubtedly one of the fascinating spots to visit in Florida.

What is Venice beach Florida known for?

Once a fishing and farming community, this city in the heart of Sarasota County has blossomed into a vacation destination, where families play in the surf, hunt for prehistoric shark teeth, shop through downtown, bike around the Venetian Waterway Trail and “catch the big one” at the Venice Pier.

Is Venice beach in Florida Nice?

Venice area beaches are some of the best beaches in Florida and the area is known as the “Shark Tooth Capital Of The World”. Needless to say, you can find a few of these teeth along the beach.

Is Venice beach Florida Popular?

The coastal appeal of Venice delights its visitors and residents alike. In fact, Coastal Living has named Venice as one of the top 10 happiest seaside towns, by virtue of its “big heart” and “pearly-white beaches.”

Can you swim at Venice Beach FL?

Venice Beach or Venice Municipal Beach On Venice Beach, you can enjoy the use of the volleyball courts and swim securely under the watchful eye of lifeguards. They also have several areas for having a picnic and you may also patronize the concession stand on site.

Is there a lot to do at Venice Beach?

People come to Venice Beach to enjoy the ocean views, sunbathe, walk or bike ride along the boardwalk, play in the sand and surf, check out the street performers, shop at local stores, eat at a beachfront restaurant, spot Venice murals, and more.

Is Venice Beach Florida crowded?

Venice Beach also provides views of the Venice Public Fishing Pier, making it a good place to spot dolphins and shorebirds. Nests of marine turtles can be found along the beaches of Venice between May and October. Venetian beaches aren’t crowded at all. This is a beautiful beach with a very friendly environment.

Does Venice Beach Florida have a boardwalk?

Venice Beach Amenities The beach features a boardwalk, concessions, picnic area, restrooms, sand volleyball courts, outdoor showers, and free parking. Lifeguards are on duty daily year-round.

Is Venice Beach a party beach?

Venice Beach AKA the icon of Los Angeles is great for holiday vacations and parties alike. Whether you decide to host a casual cocktail party or classic dinner shindig, both Winston House and The Waterfront are sure to make your party shine with more sparkles than a New Years Eve disco ball.

Is the water clear at Venice Beach Florida?

Sarasota is made up of many beaches, with one of the most popular being Venice Beach. Not to be confused with the popular California location, the Florida location is known for many things such as a cute beachside town, clear water, and shark teeth!