How Far Is Weston Fl From Miami?

How far is Weston FL to the beach?

Can I drive from Weston to Fort Lauderdale Beach? Yes, the driving distance between Weston to Fort Lauderdale Beach is 25 miles. It takes approximately 30 min to drive from Weston to Fort Lauderdale Beach.

What is Weston Florida known for?

Weston renowned for its beautiful multi-layered landscapes and distinct neighborhoods. This cultural gem is where you’ll find art festivals, concerts and celebrity golf tournaments.

How close is Weston Florida to Miami?

How far is it from Weston FL to Miami FL? When a driver follows the directions provided in the Uber app, the average trip from Weston FL to Miami FL is about 33 miles.

Can you swim in the sea at Weston?

The sandy bay of Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset is a popular open water swim spot when the tide is in.

Is Weston FL a good area?

Weston is a very safe and clean community. It is known for its outstanding school zone and friendly neighbors. With more than 15 parks and beautiful sights, Weston is the place to live. Its the ideal place to raise a family and to grow up as kid.

What famous people live in Weston FL?

Nina Ansaroff, Mixed martial artist. Robin Bartleman, Florida State Congresswoman and a former Weston City Commissioner. Alan Cohen, Former owner of the NHL’s Florida Panthers. Daniel Dickey, Comedian, humorist and political activist.

Is Weston considered Miami?

Weston is part of the Miami–Fort Lauderdale–Pompano Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area, which was home to 5,564,635 people at the 2010 census. Weston is known for its amazing schools , lovely landscaping and wonderful homes.

Is Weston a suburb of Miami?

Weston is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale with a population of 70,965. Weston is in Broward County and is one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Weston offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes.

Which coast is better to live on in Florida?

The only debate worth having is which side of Florida has the best beaches. The Atlantic coast has plenty to offer in the way of water sports. They get the better waves and, thus, some greater action. Florida’s Gulf Coast, however, is responsible for those visions of smooth, sandy beaches and crystal, clear water.

How far is Weston from Ft Lauderdale?

There are 16.35 miles from Weston to Fort Lauderdale in east direction and 24 miles (38.62 kilometers) by car, following the I-595 E route. Weston and Fort Lauderdale are 34 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .