How Far It It From Exuma To Fort Lauderdale?

How to get from Fort Lauderdale to Exuma?

Take the plane from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau Airport. Take the ferry from Nassau to Ship Channel Cay, Exuma. Travel from Ship Channel Cay, Exuma to Exuma Cays.

What is Exuma Bahamas known for?

Home of the World-FamousSwimming Pigs. The Exumas are renown for their sapphire-blue waters—waters so stunning, their brilliant colours are visible even from outer space. This chain of 365 islands is home to secluded footprint-free beaches, deserted cays, and ultra-exclusive resorts.

Where is Exuma Beach?

The Exumas are an enchanting collection of islands, or cays, found in the Bahamas. With over 365 cays, the district features a variety of beaches for every type of traveler. For those looking to snorkel, there’s no better place than the shallow aquamarine waters dotted with colorful coral reefs just off the coast.

How far apart are Fort Lauderdale and Miami?

While the two cities are only 30 miles apart, it’s smart to schedule at least an hour to allow for traffic, which can be heavy at times, especially during rush hour. The fastest and easiest route is a straight shot down I-95.

Can you stay on Exuma island?

The Exumas are an archipelago of 365 tropical islands. With so many places to stay in Exuma, you are spoilt for choice. One of these islands is the real star of the show – Staniel Cay.

Is Exuma worth going to?

The Exumas are a truly magical place and worth the visit. Most people will stay on Nassau which is the most touristy place in the Bahamas and only take a day trip to the Exumas but try to carve out at least three days to spend in the Exumas and then you can island hop around.

What is the nicest beach in Exuma?

Tropic of Cancer Beach (aka: Pelican Beach) Located on Little Exuma, just outside of Williams Town, Tropic of Cancer Beach, or its official name, Pelican Beach, has been called one of the prettiest in the Exuma chain.

Is it better to stay in Nassau or Exuma?

While Nassau is the more energetic destination in the Bahamas, Exuma is far more relaxing. According to one Trip Advisor reviewer, you should go for the Exuma islands if you want a quiet destination away from all the hustle and bustle. The Exuma islands are all about rest and rejuvenation!

What currency does Exuma Bahamas use?

What is the currency system in Great Exuma? The Bahamian Dollar is pegged to the US Dollar at a rate of US$1 = $1Bahamian Dollar.

Do you need cash in Exuma?

There is no need to convert U.S. Dollars into Bahamian Dollars as both are considered legal currency in Great Exuma. There are a handful of banks and ATMs around the island should you need additional cash, but it’s probably easier to bring enough with you. Most merchants accept major credit cards.