How Hard Do You Tamp Espresso?

How tightly should you pack espresso?

How do you get the perfect tamp espresso?

Give your group handle a quick shake. Place the group handle in an espresso tamping stand or on a clean flat surface or tamping mat. Tamp with a light amount of pressure to compact the ground coffee a little. Let the puck rest for a moment. Now tamp the ground coffee again with around 8lbs of force.

Does tamp pressure matter?

Some say, you need to tamp very hard, others say pressure really is not important. According to experts, tamp pressure is not that important, what is important is ensuring that the tamp pressure is consistent each time and that your tamping is flat and as level as possible. This ensures you have the best results.

Is tamping coffee hard?

Tamping is pretty simple. You’re compressing the coffee grinds to promote even extraction in an ergonomic and consistent way. If there’s air between the grinds, water will treat it as a shortcut and speed through. If there’s no (or minimal) air, the grinds will slow the water down.

What happens if you don’t tamp enough?

1. Failing to Keep the Tamper Level. If the tamper isn’t level during an espresso tamp, it can make the espresso uneven inside the portafilter. And the water will flow toward the side of the espresso that is less compressed.

What is the 10 second rule for espresso?

It takes 10 seconds for an espresso shot to “go bad”. That is, for the heart, body and crema to blend together into a big black bitter mess. If you’re drinking espresso straight, it doesn’t matter.

What happens if you over tamp espresso?

The water sprays through the grounds, making something weak and unpleasant-tasting. On the flipside, tamping too hard leads to the opposite happening. Water struggles to get through the puck, and because it spends more time seeping through, your espresso becomes over-extracted.

What is the ideal tamping pressure?

Tamping is a small moment in the espresso-making process, but it’s an important one. Recently we looked at why it’s important and how to do it; now we’re looking at one of the commonly quoted facts about tamping: you should use 30 lbs of pressure.

What are the 3 qualities of a perfect espresso shot?

Acidity. Sweetness. Bitterness.

How do you tamp properly?