How Long Is The Drive From Miami To Islamorada?

Is it worth driving from Miami to Key West?

Miami to Key West is a 159 mile drive that takes you across the Overseas Highway and offers some of the most stunning scenery in Florida. It can be completed in a few hours but it’s definitely worth taking a few days to do this trip as there are plenty of spots along the way you’ll want to stop and explore.

How long is the ride from Miami to Islamorada?

Find the cheapest buses from Miami to Islamorada The distance between Miami and Islamorada is 79 miles, which takes a minimum of 1 hour 30 minutes.

Are there shuttles from Miami to Islamorada?

Shuttle Services 1-(800) 231-2222 or (305) 296-9072. Keys Shuttle provides three trips daily, with door to door shuttle service from the Florida Keys from/to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale airports, seven days a week. New, clean, comfortable, full size vans carry a maximum of twelve passengers.

Where do you fly into for Islamorada?

What airports are near Islamorada? The closest airport is Miami (MIA) (63.87 mi). Other nearby airports are Key West (EYW) (75.36 mi) or Fort Lauderdale (FLL) (84.75 mi). KAYAK recommends you fly to Miami.

Can you do a day trip to the Keys from Miami?

You can upgrade your Miami to Key West Day Trip to include a tour on the Key West Trolley. If the water is calling, reserve a snorkeling trip, parasailing flight, glass-bottom boat tour, or some jet skiing.

How long is the car ride from Miami to Key West?

A: The drive to Key West takes approximately 4 hours from Miami. The distance is 159 Miles (256 KM). Driving the Overseas Highway is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Is Islamorada worth visiting?

Islamorada is a fun, family tourist destination—however, it is smaller and more laidback than many of the surrounding areas. Visitors looking for a more low-key trip can enjoy plenty of activities here without sacrificing relaxation and will be sure to enjoy the small-town atmosphere.

Is it worth visiting Islamorada?

Islamorada is primarily known as a hub of world-class sport-fishing and draws saltwater anglers from all over the world who come in search of tarpon, billfish, and bonefish. The area is famous for its tropical climate, laid-back atmosphere, and abundance of historical attractions.

Are the beaches nice in Islamorada?

Spending time soaking up the sun on the best beaches in Islamorada, Florida, is a must. One of the most visited destinations in the Florida Keys, Islamorada is known for its sandy beaches, warm shallow waters, and marine life.

Do you need a car in Islamorada?

If you plan to stay anywhere in the Florida Keys outside of Key West, you will need automotive transportation. Almost everything is close to the highway, and it is extremely busy.