How Long Is The Ferry From Tampa To Key West?

How long is the boat ride from Key West to Tampa?

It takes about 3 hours. It’s a nice way to travel. They also have a bar on board. Key West Express out of Ft.

Is there a high speed ferry from Tampa to Key West?

Is there a ferry from Tampa to Key west? There is no Tampa-Key West Ferry. The best option is the ferry that departs from Fort Myers.

How long does it take to go from Tampa to the Keys by boat?

Boarding & Departure Times. however, plan on approximately 3.5 hours between ports.

Is a day trip to Key West worth it?

Key West, the last of the Florida Keys, is a wonderful place to visit. Whether you plan on staying for the day, week or year, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy yourself. It is the southernmost city in the continental USA and is famous for its beaches, coral reefs, and laid-back atmosphere.

Can you take a car on the Key West ferry?

No cars, just passengers. They do carry bicycles, and the crew will help you load them and stow them away. A car is a big burden in Key West. The town is small, and a bike is the best way to get around.

Can you do the Key West Express in one day?

It is not required to complete your trip in one day. You can stay for a week if you’d like. However, The boat only leaves Key West in the evenings, so yes you can take the boat down in the morning of one day but you would return the evening (no morning option available) of whatever day you wanted.

Where does the Key West ferry drop you off?

The ferry docks at the 100 Grinnell St. in the Historic Seaport area. There is a terminal, electric car rental and bicycle rentals right there as well as taxi’s and the Conch Train tour has a stop there when the ferry arrives. It is a very convenient location.

Is there a boat from Tampa to the Keys?

Hubbard’s Ferry (previously Tampa Bay Ferry) is family owned and operated since 1928. We are the only official ferry service to and from Egmont Key and Shell Key.

How many days do you need Florida Keys?

How many days should you spend in the Florida Keys? 5-7 days is perfect for a Florida Keys Road Trip, so many things to do. (and there’s also a National Park bonus!) Florida Keys tours range from snorkeling to seeing dolphins in the wild.

How far is it by water from Tampa to Key West?

No, there is not a ferry that goes from Tampa to Key West. However, about 150 miles south of Tampa a ferry does provide a service to Key West from Fort Myers Beach. Driving time is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes from Tampa.