How Long Is The Flight From Miami To Italy?

Can you fly direct from Miami to Italy?

Every day, direct flights connect Miami with Italy.

How long is flight from Italy to Miami?

It takes 10 hours, 53 minutes to fly nonstop from Rome, Italy to Miami, Florida.

How far is the flight from Miami to Rome?

The 5185 miles between Miami and Rome are covered by direct flights in 9 hours and 40 minutes on average.

How much are flights from Miami to Italy?

United offers $489 round-trip tickets from Miami to Italy.

What is the best month to visit Italy?

The most ideal months to visit Italy are May, June, September, and October. They are also the most expensive and crowded times to travel (with the north remaining just as busy throughout midsummer). Despite the crowds, these months offer peak season convenience and good weather.

Can you drive to Italy from Florida?

Florida Time to visit to Italy Italy is 9658 KM away from Florida, thus if you travel at a constant speed of 50 KM per hour, it will take you 193.18 hours to get there.

How far is Miami to Paris by plane?

How long is the flight between Miami and Paris? An average nonstop trip from Miami to Paris lasts 11 hours and 45 minutes. The route is 4573 miles in total.

Can you fly direct to Italy?

Which airlines offer nonstop service from the US to Italy? From Newark Liberty Airport (EWR) in New Jersey, United Airlines and Lufthansa provide direct air service to Rome; Air Italy provides a comparable service from Miami Airport (MIA) to Milan. From Logan Airport in Boston, Norwegian flies nonstop (BOS).

How many hours is Florida to Paris?

Time it takes to fly from Florida to Paris, France It takes 9 hours, 36 minutes to travel nonstop from Florida to Paris, France. This implies that a commercial airliner flies at an average speed of 500 mph, or 805 km/h or 434 knots.

How far is Greece by plane from Miami?

Flight time between Miami, Florida, and Athens, Greece Athens, Greece to Miami, Florida flight time is a total of 12 hours and 12 minutes.

How long is a flight to Miami to Paris?

The typical flight time between Miami International and Paris Charles de Gaulle is 8 hours and 52 minutes.

How long is the flight from Miami to Portugal?

The typical flight time from Miami International to Lisbon is 8 hours and 7 minutes.

Are flights to Italy expensive?

Typically, round-trip airline tickets from the United States to Italian cities cost between $900 and $1,000. Traveling to the nation may seem prohibitively expensive due of the high fares.

What is the cheapest part of Italy to fly into?

What’s the cheapest city to fly into in Italy? The cheapest city to fly into is Milan, and the cheapest airport serving this city at the moment is Milan Malpensa.

Where is the cheapest place in the US to fly to Italy?

According to statistics, Miami is the least expensive US location from which to fly to Italy, with roundtrip airfare hovering about $554 from July to September.