How Long Is The Train Ride At Busch Gardens Tampa?

How long is the Serengeti Express train?

Take a seat at the left hand side of the train if possible, as this offers the best views of the Serengeti. A full loop will take around 30 minutes.

Is the Serengeti Express free at Busch Gardens?

It is all included in park admission.

How many trains are at Busch Gardens Tampa?

Three steam-powered locomotives whisk guests through 134 acres of lush landscaping with stops in Scotland, New France and Festa Italia for a breathtaking tour of the park. You do not have to exit at each stop like the Skyride. Feel free to enjoy the train ride as long as you’d like during your visit.

How long is the Bryson City train ride?

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride THE POLAR EXPRESS™ with the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad is a 1¼ hour round-trip passenger excursion that comes to life as the train departs the Bryson City depot for a journey through the quiet wilderness for a special visit at the North…

Is Busch Gardens cheaper than Disney?

Located in Tampa, Florida, Busch Gardens opened to the public in 1959. According to ticket-price data gathered by The Family Vacation Guide in May 2022, Busch Gardens is the most expensive theme park in the world just above Disney World.

Do you have to pay for Safari at Busch Gardens?

Serengeti Safari is a separate add-on experience from your Busch Gardens Tampa Bay admission. To take the tour you’ll also need to buy a ticket to get into the park, along with purchasing the tour ticket.

Do you have to pay to walk around Busch Gardens?

Yes, everyone pays full price admission regardless of their intentions inside the park. They do offer discounts/promotions for military personnel. There are also discounted prices on admission if you purchase in advance online. There is plenty to do if you are not riding anything.

How long does it take to ride every ride at Busch Gardens?

The length of time through the park will depend on what you stop, see and do. If you are talking about just walking through the park without any stops, it will probably take about an hour and a half. To totally enjoy the park, plan on spending at least 4 to 6 hours.

What is the least busy day at Busch Gardens?

The best time to visit Busch Gardens Tampa is during the week, and in the morning. With the best days being on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Do you have to wear a mask on rides at Busch Gardens Tampa?

Busch Gardens Health & Safety Commitments Consistent with CDC guidance, we recommend that our guests wear face coverings while indoors.