How Many Lightning Strikes In Tampa?

How often does lightning strike in Tampa?

Flash rates will be 50 to 99 in 15 minutes, for any storm covering 20 square miles. Scattered lightning-induced fires will occur. Persons not heeding indoor lightning safety rules may be injured during the peak of the storm. Frequent to excessive cloud-to-ground lightning is expected.

Does Tampa get a lot of lightning?

MacDill sits at the very bottom of the Tampa Bay peninsula, receiving more lightning than most areas in the United States. This has earned Tampa the reputation of “The Lightning Capital of the United States.” MacDill has embraced its community’s reputation, using lightning bolts on the tails of our jets.

Which city in Florida has the most lightning strikes?

The area between Orlando and Tampa is a high-risk zone with the highest lightning strike rate in Central Florida. If you live in this area, you are probably familiar with regular thunderstorms throughout the year.

How many people get struck by lightning in Tampa every year?

However, there are few thunderstorms in the Tampa Bay area from approximately October to May, decreasing the yearly average. Every year, Florida averages 10 deaths and 30 injuries from lightning strikes, with several of these usually occurring in or around Tampa.