How Many Miles From Fort Lauderdale To Davenport Fl?

Is Davenport closer to Orlando or Tampa?

Davenport is located only 10 miles (~16 km) from Walt Disney World, along Interstate 4. It’s situated about 30 miles (~48 km) West of Orlando, and 54 miles (~87 km) East of Tampa, both of which have international airports.

How far apart is Davenport Florida and Orlando Florida?

Davenport is really not all that far from Orlando — the distance between cities is exactly 29.77 miles if you drew a straight line across the map (or “as the crow flies”). If traveling by car, downtown Orlando is only 36.1 miles from downtown Davenport.

What cities are 2 hours from Fort Lauderdale?

1 hr 58 min: Yeehaw Junction, FL. 1 hr 57 min: San Carlos Park, FL. 1 hr 54 min: Vero Beach, FL. 1 hr 50 min: Naples Park, FL. 1 hr 50 min: Florida Ridge, FL. 1 hr 48 min: Naples, FL.

How far apart is Davenport and Kissimmee?

There are 14.87 miles from Davenport to Kissimmee in northeast direction and 18 miles (28.97 kilometers) by car, following the US-17 and US-92 route. Davenport and Kissimmee are 21 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Which is better Kissimmee or Davenport?

Kissimmee is larger and slightly closer to Disney World, while Davenport’s peaceful setting is close to the theme parks and also the natural wonders of Central Florida. Thinking of visiting?

What is Davenport FL known for?

Davenport is a vacation destination in north eastern Polk County that is popular because of its close proximity to the Walt Disney World theme park. While small in size, the town is experiencing rapid growth. Most Davenport tourists stay in this town and spend their time at the major theme parks outside Orlando.

Is Davenport Florida a nice place?

Davenport is a very nice town with many opportunities to have a healthy lifestyle.

What is the closest beach to Davenport?

Cocoa Beach – 1 hr 27 min. 84.9 miles from Davenport FL. Clearwater Beach – 1 hr 33 min. 87 miles from Davenport FL. St. Pete Beach – 1 hr 32 min. Daytona Beach – 1 hr 34 min. New Smyrna Beach – 1 hr 36 min. Miami Beach – 3 hr 41 min. Pensacola Beach – 6 hr 47 min. Key West Beaches – 6 hr 25 min.

Is Davenport Florida close to Disney World?

Yes, the driving distance between Davenport to Walt Disney World is 23 miles. It takes approximately 29 min to drive from Davenport to Walt Disney World.

Where is the cheapest place to live near Fort Lauderdale?

Coral Ridge. Imperial Point. Rio Vista. Tarpon River. Victoria Park.