How Much Is Tampa Zoo?

How much is parking at Tampa Zoo?

Parking at ZooTampa is free for all guests.

Are the rides free in Tampa Zoo?

Rides are included with admission, no extra cost!

How long does it take to go through the Tampa Zoo?

You’ll need at least 3-4 hours to explore Lowry Park’s magical menagerie and make the most of your ZooTampa tickets. This will allow you enough time to visit the various zones and see all your favourite animals.

Is the Tampa Zoo or aquarium better?

On balance, The Florida Aquarium is preferred by most reviewers compared to ZooTampa at Lowry Park. The Florida Aquarium has a TripExpert Score of 93 with endorsements from 6 reviews including Afar Magazine, Where and Frommer’s.

Does Tampa Zoo have an aquarium?

The Florida Aquarium gets you immersed in different zones, all designed to show you something new. From glimpsing rare seahorses and stroking stingrays to learning about our endangered oceanic friends, each exhibit is an educational dive into our oceans.

Are masks required at Tampa Zoo?

Guests are required to wear masks at our limited indoor venues which include, retail shops, restrooms, restaurants (except while seated for dining) and Manatee Mangrove.

Do Florida residents get a discount at ZooTampa?

Florida residents can get a year pass for $22.95 for folks age 3 and up. Day passes are the same price regardless of residency.

How long does it take to walk through the Tampa aquarium?

For adults, at least 2 hours. With kids under 12, maybe a bit longer but include a refreshment break. In part it would depend on how familiar you are with aquarium displays. For the first time visitor to any aquarium anywhere, 2 – 3 hours is reasonable.

Can you carry at the Tampa Zoo?

As you arrive at the Zoo, Security conducts a bag checks and walk through body scan before entry. No weapons are allowed. Quiet Areas: Our Zoo is quite large, and you will find a number of areas within the park where you can stop and sit.

Does Tampa Zoo have roller coasters?

Tasmanian Tiger Coaster This family-friendly roller coaster takes you on ups and downs in the down under – Wallaroo Station. Children must be at least 36″ tall to ride.