How Much Is The Bus In Fort Lauderdale?

Is Broward County bus still free?

The days of free fares on Broward buses will soon be over. Beginning June 1, Broward will join Miami-Dade once again by charging riders to use a bus. In March 2020, Broward County Transit suspended fares as a safety measure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much is a 31 day bus pass in Florida?

Monthly Pass: 31-Day – $50. 31-Day Reduced – $30.

Does Fort Lauderdale have public transportation?

BCT’s public transportation services cover approximately 410 square miles with a total operating fleet of 299 buses on fixed routes. With over 1600 bus stops, you’ll probably find yourself near a BCT route almost anywhere you go. Routes and schedules can be found at Broward County Transit website.

Do you pay cash or card on a bus?

Pay your fare on cash-free London buses London buses are card only, so you cannot buy a ticket with cash. Use a Visitor Oyster card*, an Oyster card, a Travelcard or a contactless payment card to pay your fare. Unlike the Tube zone fare system, a single London bus journey costs £1.65 no matter how far you go.

Is there a free shuttle from Fort Lauderdale Airport?

There are free shuttle buses from the FLL terminals to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Station at Dania Beach. The station is just a few miles from the airport and a short ride on the shuttle bus.

How do you ride the bus in Broward County?

Download the Broward County Transit Mobile App (available in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play​) Purchase your ticket on your smartphone. Scan, Ride and Enjoy your trip! ​

Is public transportation free in Florida?

Florida’s public transportation system offers a variety of modern, practical trolley services across major cities. With very affordable or free fares, and strategic routes along major attractions, Florida trolleys are great for families, groups, or budget-friendly vacations.

How much is a 7-day bus pass in Miami?

1-Day Pass: $5.65. 7-Day Pass: $29.25. 1-Month Pass: $112.50.

How much is Metro in Florida?

A single journey costs US$ 2.25, but it’s not possible to buy just one ticket. You can however buy a US$ 5.65 day pass, or a top-up Easy Card.

How much is the bus fare Miami?

The cost of a trip aboard Metrorail or Metrobus is $2.25 each way, or $5.65 for a 1-Day Pass.