How Old Is Charelle From Selling Tampa?

How many kids does Sharelle have Selling Tampa?

According to Sharelle—who is also mom to Ariana, 15, Marcus, 13, and Denim, 5—her older kids have also been bonding with their sibling. “They’re a big help,” Sharelle shares, adding that her youngest son has been “overprotective” of his new sister. “Denim thinks the baby is his, so he wants to do everything.”

How old is Juana from Selling Tampa?

Juawana Colbert-Williams is 41 years old, and is both a mother and grandmother. Born on December 24th 1980, many can’t believe her age, with some saying she looks to be in her early twenties.

Who is Sharelles husband?

Chad Johnson is a former American Football wide receiver originally from Miami, Florida.

What is Sharelles net worth?

According to Sound Health and Lasting Wealth, Sharelle is worth somewhere between $6-8million. Seeing as Sharelle is the CEO of Allure Realty, her wealth shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to fans. But subscribers will be able to get to know even more about her and the company when Selling Tampa begins.

Did Sherelle and Chad have a baby?

The former NFL player, 43, shared the exciting news with a photo of himself in a hospital gown cutting the umbilical cord. “Just delivered Serenity ‘Hurricane’ Paula Johnson ,” he wrote. Baby Serenity was born on Tuesday, Jan. 2 at 3:23 p.m. at a Miami hospital.

Is Sherelle still with Chad?

The couple found out they were expecting while filming “Selling Tampa.” Rosado also has three other children from a previous relationship and Johnson has seven kids with six other women. The pair currently split their time between Tampa, where Rosado has her realty, and Miami, where Johnson resides full time.

How old is Sophie from Selling Tampa?

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere is 27 years old which makes her the youngest of the agents on Selling Tampa.

Who is Rena from Selling Tampa married to?

‘Selling Tampa’s Rena Frazier Welcomes 5th Baby With Husband Anddrikk Frazier.

How old is Allure Realty?

Sharelle Rosado Sharelle is 34, and launched Allure Realty in 2019. It is now one of the best known real estate companies in America.

What does Sharelles boyfriend do?

He’s an ex-NFL player and former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant.