How Old Is Juwana Selling Tampa?

How old is the grandma on Selling Tampa?

In reality the real estate agent is 41-years-old, something which is confusing fans quite a lot. After briefly mentioning her grandma status in a recent episode of Selling Tampa, fans filled Twitter with pure confusion and even more love for the star. This woman is Juawana Colbert.

How old is the broker on Selling Tampa?

Frazier, 43, is one of the most accomplished “Selling Tampa” cast members. Prior to joining Allure, she was a successful attorney, serving as a partner at Quarles & Brady in Tampa, where she specialized in real estate litigation.

How old is charelle from Selling Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado is the star of “Selling Tampa” on Netflix. Sharelle Rosado has made a career out of trusting her gut. The 33-year-old launched her real estate company, Allure Realty, in Tampa, Fl., in 2019 after retiring from the military.

Who is Juawana from Selling Tampa?

Juawana Colbert is a luxury real estate agent working and living in sunny Tampa, Florida. Juawana has had an interesting life and it’s definitely not getting less interesting! Born in Los Angeles, CA real estate ran in her veins.

Who was juwanna married to?

The cruise was a gift from Juwanna’s husband, Scott Brooks. Witnesses have said the couple was arguing at dinner and escorted out. 30 minutes later, Juwanna went overboard. Scott was detained and questioned.

How old is Alexis from Selling Tampa?

Alexis Williams, 30, is one of the top estate agents working at Allure Reality.

Who is the richest agent on Selling Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado – $8million It should be no surprise that the CEO of Allure Realty, Sharella Rosado, has the highest of all the net worths of the Selling Tampa agents.

Is Sharell from Selling Tampa pregnant?

Sharelle Rosado is ready to introduce the world to her new daughter, Serenity Paula Johnson. The Selling Tampa star and her fiancé, former NFL player Chad Johnson, welcomed the baby girl on Jan. 2. And now, E! News can exclusively reveal the first photos of their bundle of joy.

Did Rena open her own brokerage?

Yes, but: One of its star sellers, Rena Frazier, is beginning a new chapter. She just started her own brokerage called Realty LV. And she brought on her first agent, fellow former Allure realtor Rebecca Reid.

How old is sherelle Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado’s little girl is here! The luxury real estate broker, 33, welcomed her fourth baby, a daughter named Serenity “Hurricane” Paula, with fiancé Chad Johnson, he announced Sunday on Instagram.