How Old Is Juwanna Selling Tampa?

How old is juwanna on Selling Tampa?

Juawana Colbert is 40 years old and was born in Los Angeles, CA. Over the course of her life, Juawana reportedly lived in places such as Houston, TX and Fayetteville, NC. She got married to Bryan Williams in 2016, but not much has been revealed about what he does for a living.

How old is Colony Selling Tampa?

The Tampa native, 30, took a dive into real estate after starting a career as a teacher. She hasn’t looked back.

Did Rena leave Selling Tampa?

Netflix canceled “Selling Tampa,” but the story isn’t over for its star real estate agents. What’s happening: News broke last month that the “Selling Sunset” spinoff focused on Tampa’s Allure Realty, an agency of all Black women, won’t be getting a second season.

What are the ages of the ladies on Selling Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado. Age: 34. via Netflix. Colony Reeves. Age: 30. via Netflix. Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere. Age: 27. Tennille Moore. Age: 45. Juawana Colbert-Williams. Age: 40. Rena Frazier. Age: 45. Alexis Williams. Age: 30. Karla Giorgio. Age: 32.

How old is charelle from Selling Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado is the star of “Selling Tampa” on Netflix. Sharelle Rosado has made a career out of trusting her gut. The 33-year-old launched her real estate company, Allure Realty, in Tampa, Fl., in 2019 after retiring from the military.

Did Sherelle and Chad have a baby?

Sharelle Rosado is ready to introduce the world to her new daughter, Serenity Paula Johnson. The Selling Tampa star and her fiancé, former NFL player Chad Johnson, welcomed the baby girl on Jan. 2.

Who is the richest agent on Selling Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado – $8million It should be no surprise that the CEO of Allure Realty, Sharella Rosado, has the highest of all the net worths of the Selling Tampa agents.

Is Sherelle still with Chad?

The couple found out they were expecting while filming “Selling Tampa.” Rosado also has three other children from a previous relationship and Johnson has seven kids with six other women. The pair currently split their time between Tampa, where Rosado has her realty, and Miami, where Johnson resides full time.

Who is the top seller on Selling Tampa?

Selling Tampa: The Most Popular Cast Members, Based On Instagram Followers. From CEO Sharelle and top-seller Anne-Sophie to the popular Colony and Juawana, find out which Selling Tampa stars are the most followed on Instagram.

Did Alexis return to Allure Realty?

Alexis Williams has returned to the brokerage. It appears that Williams was not fired for long, as the realtor has been posting about Allure on Instagram since summer 2021.