How Old Is Rena From Selling Tampa?

Who is Rena from Selling Tampa married to?

‘Selling Tampa’s Rena Frazier Welcomes 5th Baby With Husband Anddrikk Frazier.

Is Rena still with Selling Tampa?

Netflix canceled “Selling Tampa,” but the story isn’t over for its star real estate agents. What’s happening: News broke last month that the “Selling Sunset” spinoff focused on Tampa’s Allure Realty, an agency of all Black women, won’t be getting a second season.

Who is Rena’s husband?

It’s no surprise that Rena’s husband is equally as successful as the star. Anddrikk Frazier currently serves as the President and CEO of Integral Energy LLC.

What law firm did from Rena Selling Tampa work at?

Frazier, 43, is one of the most accomplished “Selling Tampa” cast members. Prior to joining Allure, she was a successful attorney, serving as a partner at Quarles & Brady in Tampa, where she specialized in real estate litigation. She recently spoke with the Business Observer about her career and newfound fame.

Does Rena open her own brokerage?

However, Rena plays coy when pressed on her own brokerage plans (she’s still listed as a member of Allure’s team, now billed as a “broker associate”).

How old is sherelle Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado’s little girl is here! The luxury real estate broker, 33, welcomed her fourth baby, a daughter named Serenity “Hurricane” Paula, with fiancé Chad Johnson, he announced Sunday on Instagram.

Has Rena left Allure?

Rena Upshaw-Frazier and Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere are still working at Allure.

How old is Rena from Allure Realty?

She shared the news with the world through social media. The 45-year-old reality TV star rose to fame last year in December when she made her debut on the Netflix show, Selling Tampa. The real estate series is a spin-off to Selling Sunset. Rena is a real estate agent on the show.

How many kids does sherelle from Selling Tampa have?

According to Sharelle—who is also mom to Ariana, 15, Marcus, 13, and Denim, 5—her older kids have also been bonding with their sibling. “They’re a big help,” Sharelle shares, adding that her youngest son has been “overprotective” of his new sister. “Denim thinks the baby is his, so he wants to do everything.”

What is the real identity of Rena?

Towards the last few episodes of season two, it’s revealed that Itsuki was Rena all along, and she used their mother’s name as an alias.