How Old Is Sherrell From Selling Tampa?

How old is Sharelle off Selling Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado’s little girl is here! The luxury real estate broker, 33, welcomed her fourth baby, a daughter named Serenity “Hurricane” Paula, with fiancé Chad Johnson, he announced Sunday on Instagram.

How old are Sharelle Rosado kids?

Sharelle’s upcoming child will be her fourth kid, and audiences also get to see her share the news of her pregnancy with her older children. The estate agent and mom revealed the pregnancy to her 6-year-old son, Denim, 13-year-old Marcus, and 15-year-old daughter, Ariana, on camera in Episode 7.

Is Sharelle and Chad still together?

Rosado also has three other children from a previous relationship and Johnson has seven kids with six other women. The pair currently split their time between Tampa, where Rosado has her realty, and Miami, where Johnson resides full time.

What is Sharelles net worth?

According to Sound Health and Lasting Wealth, Sharelle is worth somewhere between $6-8million. Seeing as Sharelle is the CEO of Allure Realty, her wealth shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to fans. But subscribers will be able to get to know even more about her and the company when Selling Tampa begins.

What does Sharelles boyfriend do?

He’s an ex-NFL player and former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant.

Did Sherelle and Chad have a baby?

Sharelle Rosado is ready to introduce the world to her new daughter, Serenity Paula Johnson. The Selling Tampa star and her fiancé, former NFL player Chad Johnson, welcomed the baby girl on Jan. 2.

What did Sharelle do in the military?

Sharelle is an army veteran. She served in the army for 13 years as a paratrooper (meaning, she jumped out of planes for a living), according to Glamour UK.

How did Sharelle Rosado make her money?

This figure reflects her work as one of Florida’s top real estate agents. The outlet shares that she has a plethora of properties across Florida and Alabama and has a salary of $500,000. Not to mention, she also served in the US Army, which has also helped her attain a substantial net worth.

Who owns Allure Realty in Tampa?

As founder and CEO of Allure Realty, Sharelle Rosado’s compelling drive and growing reputation has led her to become one of Florida’s top producing real estate agents. Sharelle founded luxury real estate firm Allure Realty in 2019, opening its first location in Tampa Bay, Florida.

How many kids does Sherelle have?

Sharelle Rosado has three children and combining Sharelle and Chad’s kids, they have 10 all together.