How To Get To Staniel Cay From Fort Lauderdale?

How do you get to Staniel Cay?

Staniel Cay is accessible by boat, regularly scheduled flights, charter planes, and private airplanes. Daily flights arrive and depart from Staniel Cay from Fort Lauderdale and Nassau. If you are coming by boat Copasetic Villa offers 120′ and 50′ dock rentals.

How long is a boat ride from Miami to Staniel Cay?

No matter what, you are looking at a 2.5-3 hour trip on any boat from Miami to Bahamas.

How long is the boat ride from Nassau to Staniel Cay?

Depending on the boat and if any stops are involved the boat ride from Nassau to Staniel Cay is about 1.5 hours long. The trip is a great way to see the beautiful Bahamian coastline and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze.

What airport do you fly into for Staniel Cay?

You can fly from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Florida, US, in a comfortable GRAND Caravan EX, which can accommodate groups of up to 9. Staniel Cay is only a 90 minute, picturesque flight (including a stop for customs clearance) from Florida.

What is Staniel Cay known for?

Staniel Cay offers blissful, sun-filled relaxation as well as a variety of activities for those looking for a bit more adventure, including snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle-boarding.

Is Staniel Cay part of Exuma?

Staniel Cay island is located in the Exuma Cays. This tiny magical island lies in the center of an archipelago of the Exuma Cays’ 365 islands. It is located 75 miles (120km) southeast of Nassau and 48 miles (77km) from Great Exuma, the largest of the Exuma islands.

How to get to Pig Beach from Miami?

From Miami: To get to Pig Beach from Miami you have the option to fly directly to George Town with American Airlines or fly to Nassau and then take another flight to Exuma or a Pig Beach Excursion. Note that with both options you won’t be able to take the tour on the same day that you arrive.

Is there a ferry from Florida to Bahamas?

The ferry sailings from Florida to the Bahamas takes between 3 hours (Florida – Bimni route) to 4 hours (Florida – Gran Bahama route). Each week there will be 1 frequency to and from Grand Bahama and three frequencies (also roundtrip) to connect Bimini with Florida.

How deep is the water between Miami and the Bahamas?

To the west, the Gulf Stream current flows north through the deep water between Miami and Bimini, where the ocean is over 6000 feet deep.

How much does a ferry cost from Nassau to Exuma?

How much is the ferry from Nassau to Exuma? Bahamas Ferries offers round trip $130 per adult and $91 per Child (2-11 years) for the ferry journey between Nassau to Exuma Georgetown.