How To Get To The Everglades From Fort Lauderdale?

Can you visit the Everglades from Fort Lauderdale?

There are three main entry points into the Everglades Park, the main entrance located at Homestead, you can also enter the park from Shark Valley or the Gulf Coast entrance. All of them are accessible from Fort Lauderdale, and are about an hour and a half to two-hour drive from Fort Lauderdale.

What is the best way to visit the Everglades?

Northern Entrances — A popular day trip for Miamians, Shark Valley, a 15-mile paved loop road (with an observation tower in the middle of the loop) overlooking the pulsating heart of the Everglades, is the easiest and most scenic way to explore the national park.

Can you go to the Everglades without a tour?

Everglades National Park is one of the largest parks in the United States, and unless you have a boat, you can only visit a fraction of the park. With one day you can drive through a portion of the park, go on short walks, look for alligators and manatees, and even go kayaking or take a ride in an airboat.

Is a trip to the Everglades worth it?

The Everglades made the Top 4 in the best national parks ranking this year. And there is a good reason for it— the wildlife is incredible, you can’t just take a boat tour to view crocodiles and dolphins anywhere or go hiking with the chance to see turtles and alligators along the way.

How much does a tour of the Everglades cost?

Hours and Rates For Shark Valley Everglades Tram Tours $30.00 per car, $25.00 per motorcycle, or $15.00 per hiker/biker. Fees valid for 7 days at any Everglades National Park entrance. “One Park, One Fee, Many Experiences. “

Is one day enough for Everglades?

One day in Everglades National Park can be enough to give you the chance to ride or walk through the Everglades for a chance to see alligators, take a speedy airboat ride through the Everglades as seen on TV, and maybe even walk some more for a chance to see crocodiles!

Do you need a car for Everglades?

If you don’t have a car, it’s still fairly easy to see the Everglades on a day tour from the nearest cities. From Miami or Fort Lauderdale you can do an Everglades VIP tour, or from Orlando there’s the option of a Wild Florida airboat tour.

What is the best month to visit the Everglades?

The Everglades are mild and pleasant from November through April, with low humidity and clear skies. Dry conditions and lower temperatures bring about significant changes in the Everglades landscape.

How can I visit the Everglades in one day?

There are plenty of businesses offering airboat tours in the area, but only three of them are authorized by the National Park Service: Coopertown Airboats, Everglades Safari Park and Gator Park. The cost for the airboat ride, which lasts 30-40 minutes, is about $25 per person.

Can you uber to the Everglades?

Whether you’re traveling alone or with others, find a ride option that fits your needs and budget. If you like to plan ahead, consider scheduling a ride to Port Everglades in advance. Or you can request a ride on demand from FLL in the Uber app.