How To Read Fort Lauderdale Water Bill?

How do you read a water meter in Fort Lauderdale?

The odometer records total water use in a similar way as the odometer in your car records miles driven. Meter reads left to right. The odometer does not move if water is not moving through it. We only read the numbers at the thousandth digit and up.

How do I read my Florida water meter?

The reading on your water meter is the total amount of water that has been used by the household since it was installed or replaced. Read the numbers straight across, from left to right. Each turn of a number in the white register indicates that 100 cubic feet (or 748 gallons) of water has passed through the meter.

How do you read a water meter?

Why is my water bill so high Florida?

Your water bill could be unusually high for a few reasons, like: Recent changes in water use. A fixture that’s dripping or running. A water-based appliance that’s leaking.

What does the water meter show you?

A water meter is a device that measures how much water you use. It is similar to your gas or electricity meter. Your supplier uses readings from the meter to calculate how much to charge you for your water and sewerage services.

How do you read a water meter for dummies?

Which numbers do you read on a water meter?

Numbers in the black boxes show the amount of cubic metres of water you have used. You are charged for every cubic metre, so you only need to record the numbers in the black boxes. The numbers in the red boxes record tenths and hundredths of a cubic metre.

How do you read a bill meter?

Read the number by the pointer of the dial. When the pointer is between two (2) numbers, the lower number is recorded. To compute your electric consumption, simply subtract the previous reading from the present reading. Read your meter on the same hour each day to effectively check or monitor your electric consumption.

How do you read a meter number?

What do water meter readings look like?

On the meter face there are two sets of numbers, black on the left and red on the right. The black numbers show the number of cubic metres used, while the red ones and the dials show litres. When submitting a meter reading, only read the black numbers and ignore the red numbers (one cubic metre = 1,000 litres).