How To Report Crimes In Little Havana?

Is there crime in Little Havana Miami?

Little Havana is known for its Cuban heritage and restaurants. However, violence stemming from gang activity remains a problem. While crime has decreased in recent years, violent crime and property crime still remain. Many residents feel the police presence is not adequate.

How to file a police report in Miami Beach?

If you are in the City of Miami Beach, contact 305.673. 7900 and a police officer will respond to investigate. You may also call 305.673. 7888 (the accident investigation office) during business hours and speak with an investigator.

How do I file a police report in Miami Dade?

Dial the station’s main number and wait in your vehicle. If you need to file a police report, call 305-4-POLICE (305-476-5423)

Who is the chief of police in Miami?

Miami Police Chief Manny Morales speaks out about recent allegations.

Is it safe to walk Little Havana at night?

You will especially want to avoid visiting East Little Havana (east of 17th Ave) at night as it is the area with the highest crime rate. What is this? Gang activity is still a concern in these areas and it is best to avoid at night.

Is Little Havana at night safe?

Little Havana This area has many reported car break-ins and a heavy gang presence. It’s unsafe for visitors to walk here during the day or night. If you have to visit this neighborhood, 22nd Avenue and South of 8th street are safe places for tourists to visit.

How do I file a complaint in Miami?

To file a formal consumer complaint, complete the below affidavit and save a copy of your completed affidavit for your records. You can print, sign, date and submit the affidavit by email (send as a pdf attachment to [email protected]), fax to 786-469-2303 or mail to the address at the top of the affidavit.

Is it illegal not to report a crime in Florida?

Failure to report a crime, also known as misprision of a felony, is a crime committed when someone is aware that a felony has been committed but fails to disclose it to the authorities.

How do I report a problem in Miami Beach?

By dialing 311 or 305-468-5900, you can get one-on-one personal customer service in English, Spanish or Creole. Individuals with a hearing or speech disability can contact us by calling Florida Relay at 711. You can report neighborhood problems and code violations to the 311 Contact Center Online.

Can I file a police report online in Florida?

Citizen online reporting system. Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and obtain an unofficial copy of the police report for your records. Before using the online reporting system, be aware that the incident must meet the following conditions.