Is Blue Martini Fort Lauderdale Open?

Who owns Blue Martini in Fort Lauderdale?

Byron Gardiner – owner – Blue Martini | LinkedIn.

Is Blue Martini a franchise?

Blue Martini has a franchise fee of up to $50,000, with a total initial investment range of $2,295,000 to $4,685,000. Blue Martini is looking to grow in a number of cities around the country.

Who owns Blue Martini?

Acquisition history. In March 2005, Blue Martini Software was acquired by Multi-Channel Holdings, Inc., a privately held Golden Gate Capital portfolio company which also owned Ecometry Corporation. In September 2006, Ecometry/Blue Martini Software and GERS Inc. merged to form Escalate Retail.

Can you wear sneakers to Blue Martini?

Fashionable attire is recommended by Blue Martini, which means no shorts, sneakers, baseball caps or flip-flops. A shirt with a collar is recommended for men. Jeans are Ok.

What restaurant does Karen Martini own?

Karen Martini Karen’s impressive culinary experience and ventures include being the founding chef at the critically acclaimed Melbourne Wine Room and Sydney’s Icebergs Dining Room and Bar.

Does Fort Lauderdale have good nightlife?

Dance all night at the city’s hottest nightspots Glamorous, hip, and dynamic, Fort Lauderdale’s nightclubs are always hopping. When the sun goes down, join the floods of partygoers pouring into the clubs for thumping beats, live music, creative cocktails and enticing happy hour specials.

What is the profit margin on cocktails?

The average pour cost varies by bar type, drinks served, and location; but when we analyzed our customer base, we found that the average pour cost is between 18-24 percent, in line with the industry standard 18-20 percent pour cost; the average bar profit margin is therefore 78-80 percent.

How much is a true blue franchise?

Low-Investment, Home-Based Business TruBlue is a low-cost investment opportunity with the potential for high returns. The total investment to begin operations ranges from $61,850 – $81,000.

Why did Blue Martini Tampa closed?

Blue Martini Tampa, a popular local bar, closed its doors in April 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What do you wear to a blue martini?

Male “floor hosts” to ensure peace of mind for the patrons, valet parking and a slick, urban dcor, pulsing with a background of lounge music, all give Blue Martini a big city vibe. For starters, there’s a suggested dress code: no flip-flops, sneakers or shorts, please.