Is Busch Gardens Tampa Worth It?

How many days do you need at Busch Gardens Tampa?

How many days do you need for Busch Gardens Tampa? There’s a lot to do at Busch Gardens Tampa. And much of it, like the animal exhibits and gardens, take time to enjoy. If you’d really like to see and do absolutely everything, and do it well, we suggest you plan for two days.

Is it worth going to Bush Gardens?

This park is huge and there’s so much to see, so arrive early so that you have plenty of time to see it all. Busch Gardens is famous for its exhilarating rides and roller coasters and if you like to think of yourself as a serious thrill seeker, you’re going to absolutely love this park.

Which is better Busch Gardens or Disney?

Busch Gardens has more adult rides like roller coasters and while Disney has a variety, most rides are geared toward people of all ages. If you want thrill rides head to Busch Gardens. If you want unique experiences, head to Disney.

Is Busch Gardens better than universal?

If you are interested particularly in roller coasters go to either Busch Gardens Tampa or Universal’s Islands of Adventure,stay away from Universal Studios as far as coasters go as USF only has one (The Mummy). If you want a better overall “theme park” experience I personally would go with the Universal Orlando parks.