Is Fort Myers Or Fort Lauderdale Vloser To The Keys?

Is Miami of Fort Lauderdale closer to the Keys?

What airport in Florida is closest to Key West if we decided to drive down to Key West from the mainland? Miami is the closest. Fort Lauderdale is approximately 30 miles further north.

What part of Florida is the closest to the Keys?

The Keys extend south and west of the Homestead area of Florida, close to Miami, FL. If you make the 130 mile drive across the Overseas Highway to the end, you will find Key West.

How far is Fort Lauderdale from key?

How far is it from Fort Lauderdale to Florida Keys? The distance between Fort Lauderdale and Florida Keys is 136 miles. The road distance is 174.3 miles.

Which is nicer Fort Lauderdale or Fort Myers?

Both have lots of beach and watersport opportunities, but if you’re looking for more lively city activities then Fort Lauderdale will likely be the better choice. However if you want more nature and exploring, then Fort Myers may be the better choice.

How long does it take to get to Fort Lauderdale to Key West?

The distance between Fort Lauderdale and Key West is 199 miles, which takes as little as 4 hours 55 minutes with our fastest rides.

How long is the ferry ride from Fort Lauderdale to Key West?

They will keep you entertained as you marvel at the beauty of the sea. Your time on the boat will be approximately 2 hours so you can also enjoy the view of Key West from the ocean. Once you have finished your cruise on the glass bottom boat, you will have about 4 hours to look around Key West.

Which is the nicest key in Florida?

Key West – Key West is best for culture and history lovers. Key Largo – If your dream morning is spent underwater, Key Largo is for you. Big Pine Key – Big Pine Key is where to head for a tranquil holiday. Marathon – Marathon is known for its fantastic coastline.

What is the prettiest Florida key?

While Key Largo is undoubtedly the prettiest of all the Florida Keys, it’s also one that’s home to plenty of activities for the avid beachgoer. With scenic views like this, it would be tough not to fall in love with such a beachside beauty!

What is the easiest way to get to the Florida Keys?

Visitors can also fly directly into the Keys. Regularly scheduled commercial flights are available into Key West and Florida Keys Marathon Airport accommodates charter and private aircraft. Group shuttles, public buses and a boat ferry are also available to access the Keys.

Is Fort Lauderdale or Miami closer to Key West?

From Miami, the drive will take around 3 hours, from Ft. Lauderdale a little closer to 4 hours. The Florida Turnpike is the fastest route to the entrance to the Florida Keys.