Is Hotline Miami Multiplayer?

Does Hotline Miami 2 have coop?

Playing as Alex & Ash is playing co-op mode with yourself. There’s your co-op. I think the reason why so many – myself included – do not think co-op would be very enjoyable in Hotline Miami is that it would be difficult to take what is so great about the single player experience and make it co-op.

Does Hotline Miami have split screen?

Conversation. You can play Hotline Miami split screen but that seems like it would do irreparable damage to your monitor.

Is Hotline Miami a good game?

Hotline Miami is a very, very good game with a compelling storyline, great soundtrack, and high replay value. However, it is very violent.

Is Hotline Miami a hard game?

The Hotline Miami series has a load of annoyingly difficult levels; after a certain point, pretty much any level can be one. The following are some notable examples.