Is Indian Restaurant Fort Lauderdale?

Which city in USA has most Indian restaurants?

Greater NYC comprising of New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Jackson Heights etc has the highest concentration of Indian Restaurants in the entire US.

What cuisine is Fort Lauderdale known for?

Fort Lauderdale is located toward the southern tip of Florida, which is why it comes as no surprise that the places locals love to eat are mostly fresh seafood and Latin-inspired restaurants.

Why do Indian restaurants not serve beef?

Myth No. Actually, in Australia, most Indian restaurants will serve beef, lamb, chicken, seafood and goat. In India, the greater majority of the population are Hindus, who consider the cow a sacred animal.

Which city has the most Indian restaurants in the world?

However, the top spot belongs to Valencia. Yes, the Spanish city narrowly topped the Remitly data, having 423 Indian restaurants for its population of 800,215 people. It means their average is 0.52 Indian restaurants per 1,000 people.