Is Little Havana In Miami Safe For Tourists?

Is Little Cuba in Miami safe?

Although Little Havana in general is not dangerous, there are some areas that are friendlier for tourists. 8th Street especially (Calle Ocho) is very touristy and you will find it to be a very friendly part of Little Havana.

Can you walk around Little Havana?

Most of Little Havana is super walkable so you can easily get around on foot. If it’s your first time visiting the area I definitely recommend booking a walking tour so you can really get the most out of your experience!

Is Little Havana worth visiting?

Located west of downtown Miami, Little Havana, Calle Ocho is well-known for its thriving Latin culture, bright colored murals and is easily one of the best places to visit in Miami for some authentic Latin food.

What is Little Havana Miami known for?

Little Havana is the best known Cuban exile neighborhood in the world. It is characterized by its street life, restaurants, music and other cultural activities, small business enterprises, political passion, and great warmth among its residents.

Is Little Havana safe 2022?

With over 56,000 permanent residents, Little Havana came up when Cuban refugees decided to settle in the area. This area has many reported car break-ins and a heavy gang presence. It’s unsafe for visitors to walk here during the day or night.

What is the safest part of Miami to stay in?

Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are two of the safest neighborhoods in Miami proper; the beach areas are reasonably safe, especially during the day, but it’s best not to venture onto the sands late at night.

How far is Little Havana from the beach?

The distance between Miami Beach and Little Havana is 7 miles.

What is the name of the famous street in Little Havana?

Calle Ocho is the center of Cuban life and culture in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.

What’s the main street in Little Havana Miami?

Calle Ocho serves as the main strip of Little Havana and is within a 6-minute drive west of Downtown Miami, following SW 8th Street or the Tamiami Trail. If you’re driving into Little Havana, there are metered parking spots along Calle Ocho and free parking on adjacent streets such as SW 5th and 7th Streets.

How to explore Little Havana Miami?

Eat Lunch at Versailles. Sign up for a Food and Walking Tour of Little Havana. Have Dinner at Cafe La Trova. Try Cuban-Inspired Ice Cream Flavors at Azucar. Visit Los Pinareños Fruitera: the Oldest Fruit Market in Little Havana. Enjoy Some Cuban Coffee.