Is May God Weather In Fort Lauderdale?

Is Fort Lauderdale hot in May?

Fort Lauderdale weather May Fort Lauderdale weather in May is great for a traditional beach holiday with temperatures reaching the high-twenties for most of the month.

Is May a good time to visit Fort Lauderdale?

The best time to visit Fort Lauderdale is the spring months between March and May when the temperature isn’t exceedingly hot and the rain typically holds off. Of course, with a year-round subtropical climate, it’s never a bad time to visit Fort Lauderdale.

Is Florida really hot in May?

The average high temperature in May is 82-88°F (28-31°C) in Florida. It is the start of the wet season with occasional rain and warmer weather. Rainfall increases towards the end of May with a monthly average of 2.0 to 4.5 inches.

Can you swim in Fort Lauderdale in May?

The water temperature in Fort Lauderdale in may is ideal. In may, swimming is ideal on the beaches around Fort Lauderdale! With water reaching 85°F at most and 81°F on average, spending time in the water is very pleasant.

What is the best month to visit Fort Lauderdale?

The high season in Fort Lauderdale begins in early spring and ends in late summer as families return from summer break. This season brings the warmest temperatures, most beautiful beach days, and biggest crowds to the region.

Is May a good month for Florida?

The spring season in Florida begins in March and runs through May. This is considered one of the best seasons to visit with pleasant (some might say perfect!) weather and fewer crowds than summer months. Weather: Temperatures range from high in the mid-70s in PCB to mid-80s in Tampa.

Is May rainy in Fort Lauderdale?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during May in Fort Lauderdale is very rapidly increasing, starting the month at 2.7 inches, when it rarely exceeds 5.0 inches or falls below 0.7 inches, and ending the month at 5.5 inches, when it rarely exceeds 9.6 inches or falls below 2.0 inches.

Is it better to go to Florida in April or May?

May is the best month to visit Florida for beach fun. It tends to be the best ‘all around’ month for a perfect combination of warm temperature and warm waters. Water temperatures vary based on location, but the average temperature is anywhere from 74-80°F.

Is May a rainy month in Florida?

The rainy season runs from May 15 to October 15 for Southwest Florida and from May 25 to October 10 for the rest of West Central Florida. The graph below illustrates how the rainfall coverage quickly increases for all of West Central and Southwest Florida in June and continues into early October.

Can you swim in Florida in May?

As a general rule, the water anywhere in Florida will be warm enough to swim between April and October. During the cooler months, the farther south you go, the warmer it will be.