Is There A Ferry From Miami To Bimini?

How long is ferry from Miami to Bimini?

The ferry ride is only 2:30 hours as you will travel on the super fast ferry, Jaume II, of Balearia Caribbean, a modern ship that can reach to 32 knots of speed and where more than 600 passengers can travel.

Is there ferry service Miami to Bimini?

There is one ferry line connecting Miami (Fort Lauderdale) to Bimini, That’s the ferry from Balearia Caribbean.

How do you get to Bimini island from Miami?

Travel by Ferry The high-speed FRS Caribbean Ferry has a daily service that departs Miami, crosses the Gulf Stream and lands in Bimini in just 2-hours. This is by far the cheapest way to get away, especial for a day trip or a short overnight. Standard rates start at $70, plus taxes.

Is there a ferry from Florida to Bimini?

The Fort Lauderdale Bimini ferry route connects United States with Bimini Islands. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Balearia Caribbean. The crossing operates up to 3 times each week with sailing durations from around 2 hours.

Is Bimini worth visiting?

However, the sheer size of Resorts World Bimini makes it worth a visit. With a long stretch of white sand beach, excellent coral reefs nearby, and being so near to Florida, Resorts World Bimini has become one of the most popular areas on the island. Ansil Saunders, Bimini Bahamas bone fishing legend.

Do you need a passport to go from Miami to Bimini?

Miami (Port of Miami) to Bimini, Bahamas): All U.S. passengers traveling aboard the Bimini Fast Ferry from Miami to Bimini must have a valid passport or valid passport card, whether traveling for the day or staying overnight in Bimini.

Can I go to Bimini without a passport?

The answer to your question “Do You Need a Passport to Go to Bimini” is Yes! You will need a passport for Bimini for verification purposes. Other identifications like an original birth certificate or voter’s registration card, or the picture ID issued by the government are required for Bimini.

Do you need a passport to boat to Bimini?

Customs and Immigration officials will come to your vessel. Everyone on board must have proof of citizenship and fill out an immigration card. US citizens must present a passport.

What is the best way to get to Bimini from Florida?

Arriving in Bimini truly couldn’t be easier. Fly direct from a variety of airports in the South Florida and New York areas, or catch a connecting flight with Jet Blue or United Airlines in either location. Hop on a ferry from Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades, or sail with your boat and dock at our marina.

Can you go to Bimini for a day?

The Bimini Day Trip of Balearia Caribbean allows you to be on Bimini island for at least 7 hours in which you can enjoy the public beach of North Bimini or buy your Day Pass ticket for the Beach Club at the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini hotel (more or less $40).