Is There A Mcdonald’s In Miami Airport?

What kind of food is in Miami airport?

Budweiser Brewhouse [Terminal G] – Beers and snacks. Burger King [Terminal E] – Burgers and fries. Pizza Hut Express [Terminal E, G] – Pizza. Cafe La Caretta – [Terminal E, first-floor arrivals] – Cuban classics to-go. Cafe Versailles [Terminal F, E] – Classic Cuban fare.

Does Miami have Mcdonalds?

Visit our Miami, 345 Ne 2nd Ave, FL Location | McDonald’s.

Does Miami Airport have Wendys?

North Terminal, Concourse D – 2nd Level Departures by Gate D-19.

Where is the food court in Miami airport?

South Terminal, Concourse H-J Connector – 2nd Level Departures.