Is There Parking At The Port Of Miami?

How much is it to park at the Port of Miami?

Miami Cruise Parking Lot Costs The Port of Miami charges $22 per day ($25-$28 if sailing Royal Caribbean), while independent lots typically charge between $11-12 per day. One thing to keep in mind is that taxes and fees at independent lots can add several dollars each day to your cost.

Can you park your car at the Port of Miami?

Parking is conveniently available at all cruise terminals. Designated disabled permit parking spaces are available in each garage. Spaces are also available for oversized vehicles (oversized vans, recreational vehicles and vehicles with trailers) at special rates. All facilities are patrolled by security.

Where do you park when cruising from Miami?

3310 NW 24 th Street Road ($8.95 per day) 1849 NW 1st Ave. ($10 per day) 45 SE 2 nd ($20 per day)

Where is the best place to park Miami cruise port?

Port of Miami Cruise Parking. 8.4 mi. Tropical Airport Parking. 21.9 mi. Tropical Airport Parking. 22.7 mi. United Airport Parking. 24.7 mi. Fort Lauderdale Airport Shuttle. 28.8 mi. Port Everglades. 25.0 mi. GO Airport Shuttle & Executive Car Service. 24.5 mi. Park By The Ports. 22.8 mi.

How early should I get to the port?

That’s why we recommend waiting until about an hour before the end of the boarding window to arrive at the port. By this time the large initial rush has died down and lines are minimal. You can usually breeze through security and check-in without any fuss.

Is parking in Port Credit Free?

Parking in Port Credit is free outside of the listed daytime hours. You are not allowed to park from 2 to 6 a.m. unless otherwise posted. These details are described in the Traffic By-law 555-00.

Can you prepay for parking at Port of Miami?

It is conveniently adjacent to Royal Caribbean’s terminal and the rate is $25 per day for a regular-sized vehicle. Pre-Paid Parking Garage J: Garage J is pre-paid only. Passengers pay upon arrival to Garage J and are given a decal to post in their vehicle for the duration of their cruise.

How much is boat parking in Miami?

Wet slip $17.06 per foot, per month. Dry storage $181.50 per month, up to 30 feet. Mooring $211.75 per month, up to 40 feet. Commercial charter boat $605 per month, up to 50 feet.

How much does it cost to leave your car at the Carnival cruise port?

To park in the cruise line’s parking structure, the cost is $23 per day. For oversize vehicles and those needing extra parking space, it is advised to call 562-901-323.

Is there a free shuttle from Miami cruise port to airport?

But if you plan to arrive into Miami then head straight to the airport, you can book shuttle transportation via your cruise line directly. These shuttles are not free, and the price does range per person, per each cruise line. Carnival Cruise Lines currently charges $16.99 per person, each way.