Rental Car Miami Airport Best Price

How much does it cost to rent a car in Miami airport for a week?

Renting a car at Miami Airport costs $62/day on average. Renting a car for 1 week costs $277 on average. If you need to rent a car at Miami Airport for 1 month, our users tend to pay a total of $1,978 on average.

How can I get cheaper car rentals with VPN?

Online companies recognize you by your IP address; and tend to offer you a price on a product or service based on your physical location. By changing your IP address, using a VPN, you can beat the system, and virtually appear in a country, which means that you save money on car rental, hotels and airfares.

Are weekly car rentals cheap?

Is it more affordable to rent a car weekly? Typically, it is more cost effective to rent a car for the entire week compared to renting a car by the day. Avis is here to help you get the best weekly car rental rates we have to offer.

How to get to car rental at Miami International Airport?

Ground Transportation You can connect to the MIA Rental Car Center using the MIA Mover, located on the 3rd level between the Dolphin and Flamingo garages. Use the 3rd level Skyride (moving walks) to access the MIA Mover station. For driving directions to the MIA Rental Car Center, please click here.

How big is an economy rental car?

Economy cars are usually 2-door cars with seating for up to 4 occupants and storage space for a medium suitcase and a few small bags. Compact cars are 4-door cars that should be comfortable for up to 5 adults and have enough trunk space for at least 1 large suitcase and 1 medium suitcase as well as a few smaller bags.

Do I need to rent car in Miami?

On your trip to Miami, the best thing to do is rent a car. Although we’re always fans of getting around by public transport, when it comes to cities like Miami, this simply isn’t a realistic option unless the only thing you want to do is catch some rays on South Beach.

How do I return a rental car at Miami airport?

Miami Airport Rental Car Return Return your car rental to the Miami Airport Rental Car Center at 3900 NW 25th Street in Miami. Returns can be made on the second level. Budget at MIA offers 24-hour rental car returns, which means you can return your car rental at an time of day.

Do you need a rental car to get around in Miami?

The public transportation in Miami is great; its elevated Metrorail and Metromover train systems can make commuting possible without a car, if you live close enough to your home station and you can get off near your destination.

How to get a 100% free VPN?

Proton VPN — Great Free Plan With Unlimited Data. Hotspot Shield — Good for Web Browsing (With Decent Speeds) Windscribe — Decent Free VPN for Streaming. TunnelBear — Really Good Free VPN for New Users.

Is there an app to compare car rental prices?

The Rentcars app is the easiest and fastest way to rent a car. You can compare prices and conditions from over 200 rental companies at once and book for the lowest price.