Was Dexter Filmed In Miami?

Where in Miami did they film Dexter?

The stunning building at 1155 103rd St, Miami Beach, Florida, is also the home of fictional television character, Dexter Morgan.

Was Dexter ever filmed in Florida?

Even though Dexter himself (Michael C. Hall) says in the pilot: “Miami is a great place for me, great place for me to hone my craft — viva Miami,” filmmakers took the filming of the series out of Florida after the first few episodes.

Why was Dexter not filmed in Miami?

Dexter began life in Florida, but the production relocated to Long Beach when the show was commissioned to a full series. “The pilot was shot in Miami, but it was hit by three hurricanes in production. Long Beach was the only place that offered everything that we needed.

Is Dexter in Miami?

Miami is the primary location in all seasons of the Showtime series DEXTER, as well as a location in real life. It is home to most of the characters on the show. They include Dexter Morgan and Debra Morgan, along with the Miami Metro Homicide team.

Can you see Dexter’s apartment in Miami?

Not everyone knows that only the first season of Dexter was filmed entirely in Miami hence also Dexter’s real apartment was located in Miami. At the famous address which can now be found even on Google Maps: 1155 de la 103rd street at bay harbor island.

Did Miami Metro ever find out about Dexter?

It’s also surprising that Miami Metro never realized Dexter’s secret. Everybody expected them to figure things out in the final season. BUCK: We toyed with that idea, but it felt off-point. The story was ultimately about Dexter’s personal journey.

Where was Dexter filmed mostly?

While you will spot several familiar locations around Miami throughout the first season of Dexter, much of the filming in subsequent seasons took place at sites in LA and Long Beach in California.

Where is the original Dexter filmed?

Though the show was set in the heart of Miami, all but a few well-known establishing shots were filmed in—surprise! —Southern California.

Where was Dexter beach scenes filmed?

Even if the series is set in Miami, many of the exterior scenes were filmed in Long Beach, California.

Did Miami PD know Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher?

While New Blood confirms that Miami Metro never discovered Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher after season 8, two major characters found out about his serial killer identity in season 7: Maria LaGuerta and his sister Debra Morgan.