What Category Will Ian Be When It Hits Tampa?

Could Ian become a Category 5?

Ian was 2 miles from a Category 5 classification. Likely, with further review, the National Hurricane Center will conclude this beast was one for the record books.

What category is Hurricane Ian hitting Florida?

It was the strongest hurricane to hit Florida since Michael in 2018. It was also the first Category 4 hurricane to impact Southwest Florida since Charley in 2004. Ian thrashed parts of Florida’s western coast, bringing intense winds, heavy rainfall, and catastrophic storm surges.

What category will Hurricane Ian be when it hits Tampa?

TAMPA, Fla. The storm could make landfall as a Category 3 or Category 4 storm Wednesday afternoon or evening. In its 5 p.m. update Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center shows Hurricane Ian as a Category 3 storm, spinning southwest of the Florida Keys and northeast of Cuba.

What category is Hurricane Ian 2022?

Track of Hurricane Ian between September 23 and September 30, 2022. Ian struck Cuba and Florida as a major hurricane before reaching the Carolinas as a category 1 storm. Ian’s final landfall was near the city of Georgetown around 2 pm on Friday September 30.

Is a Category 6 possible?

There is officially no such thing as a Category 6 hurricane. But the idea of revising or adding to the scale has been discussed by some climate scientists who believe the current categories may not be adequate for increasingly extreme storms in the future.

Was Ian a cat 4 or 5?

Upon making landfall at offshore island Cayo Costa, Ian was classified as a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, exhibiting wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

Has a Category 5 ever hit Florida?

Those Category 5 storms, with maximum sustained winds of 157 miles per hour or more as measured by the Saffir-Simpson scale, all hit the U.S. on the Gulf Coast — three in Florida and one in Mississippi.

Has a Category 5 hurricane ever hit Florida?

The strongest hurricane to hit the state during the period was Michael, which made landfall in Florida as a Category 5 hurricane–the strongest since Andrew in 1992. Additionally, hurricanes Charley, Ivan, Jeanne, Dennis, Wilma, Irma, and Ian made landfall on or otherwise impacted the state as major hurricanes.

What if a cat 5 hurricane hit Tampa Bay?

About half a million buildings could be destroyed and 843,000 households displaced, the catastrophic plan predicts. The death toll could reach similar figures to that of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when that Category 5 storm killed over 1,800 people.

Is Category 5 the worst?

Only four hurricanes have ever hit the mainland US with winds stronger than Ian’s and all were deadly Category 5 storms — the most powerful on the Saffir-Simpson scale.