What Happened To Frankie On Real Housewives Of Miami?

What kind of accident was Frankie in?

This season has also given viewers the chance to catch up with her all-grown-up son, Frankie, more than a decade after he was in a car accident back in 2011 that left him with a brain injury. During Season 4 of RHOM, Alexia and her family are adjusting to life as a unit with her then-fiancé and his kids.

What happened to Housewife of Miami son Frankie?

Frankie finished high school in 2016, and he is now 24 years old. He and his mother are now the co-owners of a nail salon and waxing center called Alexia and Frankie’s Beauty Bar in Surfside, Fla.

What kind of accident did Frankie have on Real Housewives of Miami?

Frankie Rosello, 25 He was riding in the passenger seat of a friend’s car when the driver lost control of the vehicle, went over a median and crashed into oncoming traffic. Frankie was rushed to the hospital where he required immediate brain and pelvic surgery.

What happened to Alexia’s son Peter from Real Housewives of Miami?

Domestic violence charges filed against Peter Rosello — the son of Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria — have been dropped.