What To Do In Wynwood Miami?

What should I not miss at Wynwood?

Celebrate Street Arts at the Wynwood Walls. Browse through the Museum of Graffiti. Appreciate Contemporary Arts at the Margulies Collection at the Warehouse. Stroll through the Wynwood Art District Neighborhood Murals. Take a Sip of Freshly Brewed Craft Beer at Wynwood Brewing Company.

How do I spend my day at Wynwood?

Exploring Wynwood with a local guide. Tour the area by golf cart to learn about its history and murals. Take a food and art walking tour. Tour Wynwood and add on an optional graffiti lesson graffiti demo.

What is there to do in Wynwood?

Make sure you visit Mayami Wynwood, the Oasis, the Wynwood Art District, the Warehouse, Machine Gun Experience & Shooting Range, the Lock & Load Museum & Art Gallery, the Selfie Museum, Candle Land Miami, Cerveceria La Tropical and many more.

Is Wynwood worth visiting?

With over 200 murals to enjoy, it’s safe to say many of the best things to do in Wynwood are centered around art. The famous Wynwood Walls and murals are a must; the monthly Wynwood Art Walk or a visit to the Museum of Graffiti are just a few essentials for any first-time visitor.

Can you walk around Wynwood Miami?

While the official Wynwood Wall galleries cost money, it’s always free to walk around the neighborhood itself.

Why is Wynwood so popular?

Wynwood Arts District Today, Wynwood is an artist’s haven and just a walk around the neighborhood shows this off. Many colorful murals display the talent of the area’s artists and it’s helped attract people from not just other parts of Miami or Florida, but also from around the country and even the world.

Is Wynwood walkable?

And as you may have guessed, Wynwood itself is fully walkable, but lacks virtually any everyday conveniences in the immediate area.

Is it free to go to Wynwood Walls?

Located at 2520 NW Second Avenue between 25th and 26th streets, Wynwood Walls is free for the public to explore. Outside the gated walls, the area is home to more than 70 art galleries, shops, restaurants and bars.

How should I dress for Wynwood?

Wear White. The murals and walls in Wynwood are always changing. Which is why I’m always happy to go, no matter how many times I’ve already been. But, there will always be beautiful, colorful walls to capture. And the only way to ensure you won’t clash with any of the walls is to wear all white.

Is Wynwood fun at night?

Wynwood is one of Miami’s buzziest neighborhoods when it comes to nightlife. You’ll find restaurants by some of the area’s most exciting chefs here and new bar concepts are opening up all the time.