When Is F1 Miami Race?

How much are the tickets for F1 Miami 2022?

The passes sold for $500 each on Sunday, race day, and $900 each for Saturday and Sunday. Copyright 2022 Nexstar Media Inc.

What date is Miami F1 2023?

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – South Florida Motorsports (SFM) has confirmed the scheduled date for the second annual Formula 1® Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix to take place on Sunday, May 7, 2023.

Is F1 coming to Miami in 2022?

Get up to speed with everything you need to know about the 2022 Miami Grand Prix, which takes place at the Miami International Autodrome in Florida, USA, on Sunday, May 8.

What is the cheapest F1 race to attend 2022?

The Brazilian GP is the most cost effective, costing an estimated £275.32 ($367.09) for the whole weekend. The Abu Dhabi GP is the most expensive, with an estimated cost of £2,753.20 ($3,670.93) for the race weekend.

How much is a beer at the Miami Grand Prix?

Beers — $36 (Four 16-ounce domestic beers at $9.00 each for the parents). The most expensive drink we saw was $23 for a double-vodka and Red Bull.

How much does a ticket to F1 cost?

Formula 1 tickets for races during the 2022 season are found in a price range between $32.00 and $19950.00. The average price for a ticket to a single race during the 2022 season is around $1604.29.

How much were Miami GP tickets?

The highly-anticipated debut race in Miami delivered some of the most expensive race tickets of 2022. Pre-release tickets sold out in record time despite very high prices – the cheapest 3-day grandstand seats were priced from $640 USD. At the upper end, 3-day hospitality tickets were priced from $5,000-10,000.

Is Miami F1 permanent?

Making its F1 debut in May 2022, the Miami International Autodrome is a temporary circuit, but one designed to have a permanent feel.

Is Miami Grand Prix temporary?

The circuit is a temporary-type circuit, and does not use any public streets that are located around Hard Rock Stadium, though it does cross public roads. Each year and a few weeks before the race weekend, the circuit and its safety features are assembled just for the race weekend.

Will Formula 1 come back to Miami?

Be there as Formula 1® returns to the Sunshine State for the second edition of the Miami Grand Prix in 2023. Secure an Official Ticket Package from F1 Experiences complete with premium grandstand seating or trackside hospitality in the Champions Club and Formula 1 Paddock Club™ at Miami International Autodrome.