When Is Gasparilla In Tampa Florida?

What day is the Gasparilla parade 2022?

The family-friendly parade is one of the events in the 2022 Children’s Gasparilla, which is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 22 this year.

What is Gasparilla weekend in Tampa?

The Gasparilla Pirate Festival is a large parade and a host of related community events held in Tampa, Florida almost every year since 1904.

Is Gasparilla 2022 televised?

The 2022 Gasparilla Bowl was a college football bowl game played on December 23, 2022, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The 14th annual Gasparilla Bowl, the game began at 6:35 p.m. EST and was aired on ESPN.

Where is Gasparilla 2022?

2022 Gasparilla Pirate Festival

How much does it cost to go to Gasparilla?

Yes, Gasparilla is a FREE community event with over 100 years of history in Tampa Bay.

What do you wear to Gasparilla?

Ladies’ apparel should be comparable to the gentlemen, such as blouses, skirts, dresses, and dress slacks. Jeans, shorts or tank tops are not permitted. December 20, 2022 to April 30, 2023 gentlemen wear dress slacks, collared shirts and jackets for dinner.

How long does the Gasparilla last?

Gasparilla is BACK for 2023! More than a day or an event, Gasparilla now spans a 3-month season consisting of parades, parties, music and art festivals, movies, a marathon, and much more.

Does Tampa have Gasparilla 2022?

The Gasparilla Pirate Fest takes place on Saturday, January 29 2022. Sponsored by Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Gasparilla Pirate Fest features the 104th Gasparilla Invasion and Parade of the Pirates presented by Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla.

Do you have to dress up for Gasparilla?

Dress Like a Pirate: Gasparilla Garb Captain’s jacket’s, tri-corner hats and puffy shirts are staples of any respectable swashbuckler, while wenches don corsets and big flowy skirts. It might be too late to find these things on the cheap at thrift stores, but give it a shot if you have creative vision.

Can you bring alcohol to Gasparilla?

Yes, you are allowed to drink at the festival — but there are specific zones to stay in. Throughout the festival, there will be specific areas along the parade route and in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park that are designated “wet zones.”