When Is Miami Spice 2022?

What are the dates for Miami Spice 2022?

If you love to try out new (or new-to-you) restaurants, don’t miss Miami Spice from August 1 through September 30, 2022, when top restaurants in Greater Miami &…

How long does Miami Spice last?

Miami Spice is a two-month-long restaurant promotion, organized by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau’s (GMCVB) 21 years ago, initially with the goal of attracting tourists to Miami during its low season.

How much is Miami Spice for dinner?

Fiola Miami, Coral Gables This fine dining must-try is known to bring the cuisine and culture of Italy to Coral Gables and for Miami Spice, it’s bringing a $28 three-course lunch menu, $60 dinner menu and $28 Sunday brunch menu.

How do I book Miami Spice?

To reserve a table, select a restaurant below or call 877-326-7412. Restaurant patrons will enjoy discounted valet parking of $15 for up to (5) five hours with validation during Miami Spice months. View the 2022 Miami Spice Menus below!

What is there to do in Miami in March 2022?

March, 2022 – The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater. March 1–29, 2022 – Miami Beach Live! March 5, 2022 – Miami 305 Day. March 5, 2022 – Carnaval Miami. March 5, 2022 – Brew Miami. March 4-13, 2022 Miami Film Festival. March 10-13, 2022 Superfine Art Fair.

What is there to do in Miami in Feb 2022?

1) Attend a Concert. 2) Attend a Sporting Event. 3) Enjoy the Theatre. 4) Take a Sightseeing Tour. 5) Go to the Miami Marathon. 6) Experience the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. 7) Attend a NASCAR Event. 8) Miami International Boat Show.

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What time do people eat dinner in Miami?

A few here take them on Open Table, so be sure to check beforehand. The party doesn’t start in Miami Beach until late at night, so people eat dinner at 9 PM or later. If you prefer eating earlier, you can usually avoid waits and get happy hour deals!