When Was The Last Hurricane To Hit Tampa?

When was the last time Tampa had a hurricane?

You have to go back more than a century to find the last hurricane to make landfall in the Tampa Bay area. On Oct. 25, 1921, a monstrous storm came ashore with winds estimated to be 120 mph when it made landfall near Tarpon Springs.

How many times has Tampa Bay been hit by a hurricane?

A hundred and one, to be precise. In October 1921, a hurricane that slammed into southwest Florida sent coastal waters rising by up to 11 feet, killing at least eight people, causing widespread destruction and flooding parts of downtown Tampa, according to the National Weather Service.

Does Tampa Florida get hit by hurricanes?

Yet for years storms seemed to bypass the region somewhat inexplicably. Phil Klotzbach, research scientist in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, noted that only one of five hurricanes at Category 3 strength or higher has struck Tampa Bay since 1851.

Has Tampa ever hit a major hurricane?

The Tampa Bay hurricane of 1921 (also known as the 1921 Tarpon Springs hurricane) was the most recent hurricane to make landfall in the Tampa Bay area and held the record as the major storm that stuck the continental United States latest in the calendar year until Hurricane Zeta in 2020.

Is Tampa a hurricane zone?

Tampa, Florida The Tampa-St. Petersburg area has an 11 percent chance of feeling the impacts of a hurricane in any given year. Tampa, situated on a peninsula lying along Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, is exposed to hurricanes entering the Gulf and systems forming in the Atlantic.

Is Tampa safe from natural disasters?

In fact, our coastal location, topography, and large population make us significantly vulnerable to a wide array of hazards, including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and sinkholes.

What city in Florida has the most hurricanes?

1. Southeast Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach) Southeast Florida is very susceptible to hurricanes, given its location at the tip of the state.

What part of Florida gets hit by hurricanes the most?

Straight away it’s evident Florida’s Gulf Coast has been far more hurricane prone than Florida’s east coast. Of the 131 hurricanes to make landfall in Florida over the past 171 years, 117 or 68% of them have made landfall along Florida’s Gulf coast. That also includes 65% of major hurricanes to make landfall.

What is the safest city in Florida for hurricanes?

Palatka. Palatka is the safest city in Florida from hurricanes. It is a small town just inland from St. Augustine and about 60 miles south of Jacksonville, located on the St.

Why does Tampa Bay avoid hurricanes?

Tampa Bay is in a “favorable area” to avoid major hurricanes, Davis said. When a storm forms in the Atlantic and steering currents are weak, it will often turn to hit the east coast of Florida or miss the state completely.