Where Is Dr Miami Office Located?

Where is the real Dr. Miami located?

Michael Salzhauer (born 1972) is an American celebrity doctor who practices plastic surgery. He is active on social media as Dr. Miami, has been on reality TV, has recorded a song, and written a children’s book. He runs a plastic surgery practice in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida.

How do I make an appointment with Dr. Miami?

Call (305) 861-8266 and speak with one of our friendly representatives or email us at [email protected]. We will gladly schedule a time that fits into your busy life. For your convenience, we have both daytime and evening appointments available.

Is Dr. Miami a real surgeon?

Miami” Michael Salzhauer, M.D. Board-certified Miami plastic surgeon and Nose Job Specialist, Michael Salzhauer, M.D. is not just an internationally recognized plastic surgeon, but an author and inventor as well. As a renowned cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in Miami, FL, Dr.

How long is Dr. Miami waiting list?

He currently has a two-year waiting list. Some of the most common procedures performed by him include:- nose job (rhinoplasty), Brazilian Butt lift (BBL), liposuction, mommy makeover, Tummy Tuck, just a few to mention. See Also: Cheap Mommy makeover packages in different locations in the US.

Who is the best BBL doctor in Miami?

With Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, Dr. Dowbak can use specialized fat transfer techniques to achieve a fuller and rounder buttock contour. Dr. Dowbak is the #1 BBL Surgeon in Miami.

Is Dr. Miami board-certified in plastic surgery?

Born Michael Salzhauer in New York, New York, Dr. Miami, is a world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeon who has pioneered the evolution of plastic surgery procedures to a mainstream social media audience.

Does Dr. Miami take payment plans?

Term options out to 60 months (affordable monthly payments) No collateral required.

What procedures does Dr. Miami do?

He excels in body contouring and sculpting procedures along with cutting-edge techniques with cosmetic procedures associated with face, breast, body, and skin including Breast Augmentation, Abdominal Etching, Rhinoplasty(nose job), Neck and Face Lifts, Arm and Chest Augmentation, Miami butt lift, Liposuction, Fillers …

Who is the most famous plastic surgeon in Miami?

Moises Salama is the highest rated plastic surgeon in Miami. He is among Best Plastic Surgeons in Miami.

How much do Dr. Miami charge?

Miami told Distractify that “nothing is free.” The famous doc is known for his “mommy makeover” packages, which typically feature surgeries such as a tummy tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction, and breast augmentation. According to Dr. Miami’s price list, a tummy tuck and BBL can set you back more than $20,000.