Where Is Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium?

How far is Tampa football stadium from airport?

It is approximately 2 miles to get from Tampa Airport (TPA) to Raymond James Stadium. How do I travel from Tampa Airport (TPA) to Raymond James Stadium without a car?

Can you walk to Raymond James Stadium?

Yes; you can walk it.

Is Raymond James Stadium outside?

Great Outdoor Stadium – Raymond James Stadium “Great stadium!”

Is Orlando close to Tampa?

Orlando is just about 85 miles from Tampa. Traveling between these two cities is about as easy as it comes. Plane, train, bus, you can take it from one city to the other.

Are there shuttles to Raymond James Stadium?

STAY NEAR RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM Our free shuttle will take you and your squad to the game. The shuttle runs every hour starting three hours before kick-off. Visit the front desk to reserve your spot or request more information.

How much does it cost to park at Raymond James Stadium?

Parking rates at the on-site Raymond James Stadium parking lot vary according to the event. Official Buccaneers parking will cost you at least $30, and Offsite parking near Raymond James Stadium also costs around $30 – $60. You can expect the parking rates to peak on game days and during popular events like concerts.

How much does a beer cost at Raymond James Stadium?

Located on the main concourse, the bar will feature four Vizzy hard seltzer flavors, which will also be available at several retail locations throughout the stadium. On tap: hard seltzer ($16); cocktails ($14.50-$26.50); and beer ($11.50-$13.50).

Is there free parking at Raymond James Stadium?

There is no free parking near Raymond James Stadium.

Is Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium indoors?

To Roof, or Not to Roof? We mentioned earlier that Tampa’s football stadium is open-air, unlike most other recent Super Bowl locations — for now.

What is the largest NFL stadium?

What is the Largest NFL Stadium? MetLife Stadium is the largest NFL stadium in the league, with a capacity of 82,500. Other stadiums, including AT&T Stadium, are expandable beyond this capacity but have a lower standard capacity.