Where To Go In Tampa Tonight?

What is there to do in Tampa at night?

Gaspar’s Grotto. Ybor City. Photo courtesy of Gaspar’s Grotto. The Castle. Ybor City. Seminole Hard Rock Casino. Orient Park. Sparkman Wharf. Channelside. Columbia Restaurant. Ybor City. Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theatre. Ybor City. Topgolf Tampa. Brandon. Skipper’s Smokehouse. North Tampa.

Where do celebrities hang out in Tampa?

Avila is an affluent neighborhood in North Tampa, considered to be one of the most exclusive communities in Tampa, Florida. The gated community is occupied by star athletes, socialites, and professionals.

What is there to do off the beaten path in Tampa?

Visit the Hindu Temple of Florida. Take part in the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. Buy a sponge or loofah at Tarpon Springs. Check out the two-headed gator of Seminole Heights. Head to Tampa Theatre. Explore Ulele Fairyland Figures. Go kayaking (from USD 56) Sightsee dolphins (from USD 30)

Does Tampa have a good nightlife?

SoHo and Hyde Park have the trendy bars, while Ybor has “Bourbon Street” and bustling night clubs. In Seminole Heights, you’ll find the hidden gems tucked away. Channelside tends to attract tourists, while downtown Tampa is incredibly posh.

What’s the coolest neighborhood in Tampa?

Hyde Park is so idyllic that Niche.com named it the best neighborhood in Tampa.

How do adults make friends in Tampa?

Consider these MeetUp communities in Tampa. Join the Salsa gang. Volunteer at your neighborhood YMCA. Get Crossfit trained.

Do any celebrities live in Tampa?

Jon Gruden, Tampa Other notable Avila residents over the years have included Tony Dungy, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Vince Naimoli.

Where do cougars hang out in Tampa?

All “cougar bar” results in Tampa, FL. Showing 1-19 of 19. EDGE Rooftop Cocktail Lounge. 4.7 mi. Bar Louie – Tampa. 3.3 mi. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood. 3.5 mi. Bern’s Steak House. 4.6 mi. Ocean Prime. 3.7 mi. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants – Tampa. 3.0 mi. O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Grill. 12.6 mi.

Where is Tom Brady’s mansion in Tampa?

The 6,551-square-foot mansion in Davis Islands, Fla. is listed at $12,499,999. According to Realtor.com, it’s unclear if Brady and Bündchen were just renting the home or owned it outright. The Brady family moved there following a brief stay at Derek Jeter’s “St. Jetersburg” mansion in Davis Islands.

Where do locals go to the beach in Tampa?

Davis Beach. If you’re vacationing in Tampa and are looking for a beach close-by that offers powdery white sand for lounging, calm water for cooling off and shelters for picnics, then Davis Beach is for you. This is the closest beach to downtown Tampa and the locals’ favorite tailgate spot.