Where Was Dexter Filmed In Miami?

Was the show Dexter filmed in Miami?

Yes, Dexter Morgan still works for the Miami Metro Police — but filming takes place more than 2,000 miles away, in and around Los Angeles. Generic aerial shots mixed with the Miami skyline and some street signs cleverly inserted into various scenes give the show enough credibility to fool the average viewer.

Where is dexters apartment in real life?

CURIOUS FACT: Dexter’s Apartment in the show was located in a fictional place called “Palm Terrace”, but the real condo is at Bay Harbor club in Miami.

Why did Dexter stop filming in Miami?

Before the production moved west to Los Angeles, California, due to an active hurricane season in Florida, the first few seasons featured actual places around Miami. Here are our top 10 sites you can visit to create your own “Dexter” tour. Renting a Ford car (Dexter Morgan’s make of choice) is completely optional.

Where was original Dexter filmed?

10 years after leaving Miami in Florida, Dexter has assumed a new identity by the name of Jim Lindsay. Jeff Lindsay is the name of the novelist who wrote the novels that inspired the original television series, which were primarily filmed in Los Angeles and California.

Where is Deb’s house on Dexter?

Deb’s Beach House Deb’s beach bungalow sits in Long Beach. According to the filming location experts at Seeing Stars, it last sold for “over $1M,” so Deb probably wouldn’t be able to afford the mortgage.

Where was Dexter beach scenes filmed?

Even if the series is set in Miami, many of the exterior scenes were filmed in Long Beach, California.

Where is Dexter boat docked?

In his early years as a killer, Dexter had a problem disposing of one of his victims. Needing a better method, he bought a boat and docked it at Coral Cove Marina.

What high school was Dexter filmed in?

The school scenes from Dexter: New Blood were filmed at Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton, which is about 70 miles east of Shelburne Falls.

How did Dexter’s apartment get bigger?

To have more space, privacy, and an additional entrance, Dexter buys the next door apartment – possibly 9B. He also hires Jamie Batista as Harrison’s nanny, replacing Sonya.

Where was Dexter new blood actually filmed?

While Iron Lake, New York is fictional, the majority of filming for New Blood took place in a real town – Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. The production chose Shelburne Falls for its close-knit small-town vibes.