Who Is Cho From Selling Tampa?

Are Cho and Colony dating?

Alas, it should also be noted that nothing official is happening between Colony and Cho – the speculation has stemmed from fans sharing their thoughts on social media as they watch the series on Netflix.

How old is Cheryl from Selling Tampa?

She is around 32-33 years old. Season 1 of Selling Tampa is available on Netflix now.

Who is the top selling agent on Selling Tampa?

It should be no surprise that the CEO of Allure Realty, Sharella Rosado, has the highest of all the net worths of the Selling Tampa agents.

How old is Shanell from Selling Tampa?

How Selling Tampa’s Sharelle Rosado launched her luxury realty firm. Sharelle Rosado is the star of “Selling Tampa” on Netflix. Sharelle Rosado has made a career out of trusting her gut. The 33-year-old launched her real estate company, Allure Realty, in Tampa, Fl., in 2019 after retiring from the military.

What does Cho do for a living Selling Tampa?

Cho’s LinkedIn profile shows that he started working as a consultant in 2015 after leaving the US Air Force.

What does Cho do for a living?

Cho is the owner of a real estate firm himself, the NDI Real Estate Group, LLC. Situated in the Greater Tampa Bay area, his LinkedIn profile states he was in the military service for nine years.

Did Sherelle and Chad have a baby?

Sharelle Rosado is ready to introduce the world to her new daughter, Serenity Paula Johnson. The Selling Tampa star and her fiancé, former NFL player Chad Johnson, welcomed the baby girl on Jan. 2.

Is Cheryl from Selling Tampa pregnant?

Sharelle Rosado, who stars in the upcoming Netflix spinoff of Selling Sunset titled Selling Tampa, tells PEOPLE about expecting her fourth baby and teases the new reality series.

How much is Cheryl from Selling Tampa Worth?

According to Sound Health and Lasting Wealth, Sharelle is worth somewhere between $6-8million. Seeing as Sharelle is the CEO of Allure Realty, her wealth shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to fans. But subscribers will be able to get to know even more about her and the company when Selling Tampa begins.

Does Rena start her own brokerage?

What’s happening: News broke last month that the “Selling Sunset” spinoff focused on Tampa’s Allure Realty, an agency of all Black women, won’t be getting a second season. Yes, but: One of its star sellers, Rena Frazier, is beginning a new chapter. She just started her own brokerage called Realty LV.