Who Plays Marisol On Csi Miami?

Did Horatio Caine marry Marisol?

In season 4, Horatio began a romantic relationship with Marisol Delko (Eric’s sister). Horatio and Marisol got married and she was killed by the end of season 4.

Why did Marisol leave CSI: Miami?

She was a witness during a robbery at the spa (Driven). She was shot by Memmo Fierro, a Mala Noche sniper, during Rampage and later died from her injury, leaving Horatio and Delko both grief-stricken, devastated, and hellbent on seeking revenge for Marisol’s death.

What is Alana De La Garza doing now?

Known as a staple in Dick Wolf world, De La Garza, 46, has been featured on a myriad of hit procedurals, including Law & Order: LA, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Minds and CSI: Miami. Since 2019, however, she’s starred as SAC Isobel Castle on CBS’ hit series FBI opposite Clueless actor Jeremy Sisto.

Who played Horatio Caine’s wife in CSI: Miami?

Did you know. Last Episode that Alana de la Garza is in she played Marisol Delko-Caine Horatio Caine wife and Eric Delcos Sister.

Do Calleigh and Eric get together?

He has a close relationship with colleague Calleigh Duquesne; they care very greatly for each other—Calleigh is the one by his side when Eric is in the hospital, gravely injured (“Man Down”)—Calleigh and Eric are now in a relationship.

Do Calleigh and Eric stay together?

And for those viewers who wonder when it was exactly that Calleigh and Eric broke up — which apparently took place sometime in the fall of 2010 — Procter says it happened, “when Emily Procter got pregnant, and she couldn’t go out in the field, when I didn’t really work for a year.

Did Horatio Caine have a son?

Kyle is the son of the show’s protagonist, Lieutenant Horatio Caine. He has been occupied as a student and a city morgue assistant, and is currently a soldier in the United States Army.

Does Marisol come back in CSI: Miami?

Alana De La Garza, who played Marisol, the wife of David Caruso’s Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami, will reprise her role in Season 10, TVGuide.com has learned. Marisol, who was also the older sister of Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), was shot by a sniper in the show’s fourth season.

What happens to Isabel in FBI?

She ended up attacked by the killer in her own home, but wasn’t so shaken that she quit the case. It was just another example of why she holds such a position of power in the FBI universe, and why the FBI spinoffs bring her in from time to time.

What ethnicity is Alana De La Garza?

De la Garza was born in Columbus, Ohio, to a Mexican-American father and an Irish-American mother. She was raised in El Paso, Texas.